My #1 tip to start being productive and making money

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[it’s definitely not what you think]


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Let’s talk about my #1 tip for productivity and money making.

If you read my blog every week and you don’t have a business—first off, I’m so glad you’re still here. Thank you for reading and for being a part of my community. 

I’m grateful for you. 

Secondly, this tip can be applied to your life too so read on.

I was on a client call today and we were talking about time management and energy management and balancing being the CEO of a home and the CEO of a business.

One of the things she shared was that the CEO duties of her home seemed to edge out the CEO duties of her business last week and so she told herself that she would work all day Sunday.

But then Sunday came around and she just wanted to have a freaking weekend already and not work.

So then she didn’t do the work on Sunday and ended up beating herself up about it because she told herself she would!


Have you been there before? 

I most DEFinitely have. 

And that cycle can go on and on week after week with the self-shaming and frustration building layer upon layer upon layer.

For the record, I love this client and I’m using this situation as an example because I’ve lived it and I know many of you are living it right now in one way or another. 

So here’s my #1 tip for this cycle:

You have to be honest with yourself and then plan accordingly. 

Now that sounds simple, but I find that knowing yourself and then admitting to yourself that you are HOW YOU ARE and you are WHO YOU ARE… well, it can be incredibly challenging.

For example, I am not the kind of person, as it turns out, who is very good at remembering things—ESPECIALLY things that people tell me verbally.

Or important memories.

Or birthdays. 

Or days and times of things. 

So like, anything important. 

But I will probably remember your sign and your dog’s name even if we only met once.

I mean, the SKILLs, right? 



When I owned my Zumba® business, my admin team or students would come up to me just before class started and tell me something IMPORTANT and I would stop, look them in the eye and say, “I will not remember that. Text or email me.”

And wow that solved a lot of problems. 

I also write things down on my calendar obsessively.

Including “Feed Trouser” (my cat).

It’s on my calendar every day. 

But if I didn’t admit that to myself back in my Zumba® days and didn’t tell other people flat out, it would have caused so many ruptures in my relationships with my team, my students and that would have slowed productivity down and made me very unreliable in the eyes of everyone. 

So back to my client—turns out that SHE KNEW that she probably wasn’t going to work on all the stuff she didn’t do on a Sunday when she’d rather be doing something else. 

But admitting it to herself so she wouldn’t get into a cycle of self-sabotage is now the next step. 

There’s one caveat: 

There are certain things (like not working on a Sunday) that you just need to accept about yourself and work with.

There are other things (like being good at sales and marketing) that are non-negotiable if you own a business.

The honesty you will need to tell yourself is: I have to get good at sales and marketing rather than I have to work with this personal limitation that I have (not wanting to work weekends or not remembering things). 

Does that make sense?

So what about you? 

What are you not admitting to yourself? How could that help your productivity and your business in general? Or how could it help your life?

If there’s something you can think of, can you start being honest and upfront with yourself and others about it this week? 

I’m going to keep saying this, but this is why you need a one-on-one coach. 

You need someone who can spend the time getting to know you, who can lovingly call you out and then help you work with who you are and how you are instead of expecting you to fit a mold.

You’re never going to fit a mold babe. Be honest with yourself about that one too. 

Okay, that’s all for this week! 

Sending you the willingness to admit things to yourself so you can regroup and move forward,


PS: Are you going to be the person who fills that last slot?

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