Hey. I'm Rebecca.


I’m SO glad you found me (or your spirit team helped you find me). 

Here’s the short and sweet version of my story (and then if you want the nitty gritty, you can scroll down and read more). 

I’ve had an interesting life. I never really knew what I wanted to do for work, so I tried all sorts of things: I worked in corporate (NOT for me), I tried my hand at graphic design. I owned a really fun Zumba® business for seven years, and then towards the end of that career I started hearing insistent voices, seeing visions that would wake me in my dreams (and still be there standing beside my bed - crazy stuff).

I started walking around with the nagging feeling that I should explore being a psychic medium.

I started hearing insistent voices, seeing visions that would wake me in my dreams

Mind you, I’d always been intuitive, but I never thought of myself as doing anything related to mediumship or being a psychic. 

After a number of wild synchronicities, I ended up taking a beginning mediumship class and after my first (completely untrained) reading, the teacher announced that I was a psychic medium and that my clients were going to love me.

I’m sorry, what?

Apparently my team had been trying to tell me for years and I just WAS NOT getting it. 

Fast forward to today and I do readings, healings, and use my gifts to support business owners. I feel fortunate to have studied with a number of incredible teachers to improve and hone my skills. 

I love what I do. 

I’ve been living a minimalist lifestyle for the past nine years. I live in 375 square feet on a tiny, floating home on the Columbia river in Portland, Oregon. (Yes! The house is built on a platform that floats on the river and is chained to a dock. It’s pretty neat. I love it.) I like to spend my weekends with my sisters, friends and adorable pup, Mabel. 

I love all kinds of random art forms and have tried many: spinning wool, ballroom dancing, stop motion short movie-making, latch hook, embroidery, drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. And, random of all random facts, I was a competitive synchronized swimmer growing up and then I coached into my late twenties. 

If you want to read about how I realized my mediumship abilities, you can do so here and here

If you’d like to read about my personal healing journey, you can do that here.

I’m so glad we’re connected. 

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My sweet pup, Mabel

My tiny floating home

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