If you’ve found me and my work,

I’m guessing you probably feel lost, confused, uncertain

and frustrated with whatever personal challenge you're facing.


The clients I work with say that before they met me, they felt like they’re walking through life in a fog… they can see the life they want, but it’s just out of reach or seemingly on the other side of a cloudy window, but they can’t get to it no matter how many things they try.

And it’s driving them crazy.

Can you relate?

I love helping my clients step out of the fog of their life and into the clarity of their soul’s alignment.

I love helping my clients leave a relationship that isn’t right, find resolution with a loved one who’s crossed over, and heal old patterns so that they no longer need to keep painfully repeating them.

If you’re done with struggling with a stubborn health problem, a recurring relationship frustration, or an ongoing spiritual question mark, I’d love to work with you.

Here are a few ways you can work with me:

Psychic Medium Reading & Multidimensional Healing

30 minutes | $125

 *best for simple, singular issues or regular follow-ups

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Psychic Medium Reading & Multidimensional Healing

55 minutes | $189

 *recommended for first time clients and for multiple or complex issues

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PACKAGE: 3 Psychic Medium Reading & Multidimensional Healing Sessions

55 minutes | $525 ($175/session)

*sessions must be booked within a two month window

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Common Q and A:


Questions about which option is right for you?

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“As a social worker and therapist with a holistic approach, I find great value in clearing past trauma that blocks people from meeting their potential. Through working with Rebecca with emotion code, business coaching and readings, a tremendous weight has been lifted. I have experienced more peace, confidence and energy in the last two years working with her than I have experienced in a lifetime. Her genuine, empathetic presence makes it easy to open up and let the healing begin! She clears and brings things to the surface that you don’t even know is holding you back, and she does it in a way that brings peace instead of a heavy weight! She is truly a blessing”

- Emily C.

"Thank you again for this work. I knew it would make a difference but had no idea how much more peace, love, acceptance, and allowing would be here for me on the other side. My love is flowing in ways I didn't know it could, and I'm letting love in more than ever. The flow is creating ripple effects in every facet of my life. You are such a gift, and I appreciate you every day."

- Luz L.

“Your newsletters are the only email I look forward to reading all week!”

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