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We have to talk.

A trend keeps emerging in my work.

And I do three distinctly different, yet complimentary, kinds of work.



Energy healing.

The trend that keeps emerging is a desire for change.

Isn’t that interesting?

In this time when there is SO MUCH CHANGE going on, people still want change.

Change they can control.

Change that will benefit them.

And it’s not just a change per se… It’s a transformation that people are seeking.

They want to change INTO the person they deeply know themselves to be.

I see it as the soul yearning for truth.

So with all this desire for change, what gets in the way?

Our thoughts.

Our thoughts lead to emotions.

Our thoughts lead to behaviors.

Our thoughts lead to experiences.

Our thoughts can cause HUGE amounts of stuckness.

When people come to me and they’re looking for their divine calling or their soulmate or a resolution with a loved one, I always tell them to start with one thing:

Changing their mindset.

Now before you go rolling your eyes on me, just try this.

Go grab a piece of paper or pull up a blank note on your phone or laptop.

Draw a line down the center of the page or make two columns if you’re working digitally.

Now, think about an area of your life where you feel stuck.

What’s the FIRST thing that pops into your head?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind, just for starters.

You can expand to other areas later.

On the left side, write down all the reasons why you believe you’re stuck.

Write down everything that pops into your head even if it makes NO SENSE logically. (being stuck is often not rooted in logic)

When you think you’ve exhausted your list, take a breath and then write a few more.

Write them all down.

You may write something down and be like, “What the… ?”

That messaging ended up in your brain somehow.

Write it down.


Take a breath.

Drink some water.


I want you to go back and one by one cross out the old belief and write the opposite belief directly beside it.

What do I mean by the opposite belief?

I mean a belief based in possibility and abundance rather than one based in convinced lack.

Here’s an example:

I’m one of those people who won’t meet their soulmate until I’m eighty. (convinced lack)

Cross that out.

You could change it to:

I feel SO lucky to have met my person. And during Covid?! What are the chances! (possibility and abundance)

If you keep saying, I’ll meet my person when I’m eighty. I’ll meet my person when I’m eighty. I'll meet my person when I'm eighty.

(even jokingly)

Your subconscious is taking those marching orders from your thoughts to make that a reality for you.

So you gotta be REALLY mindful of what you keep repeating!

If you want a partner sooner than eighty, you gotta give your subconscious mind better marching orders.

Another example: I want to move, but I don’t have enough money. (convinced and scarcity-minded)

Cross that out.

You could change it to:

I love my new place in my new city. Wow — I really lucked out!

I know you're thinking,

"Yeah but HOW does that get me the money I need to move?"

When you open up your mind to abundant possibilities, things HAPPEN.

You seize opportunities.

You start to make changes.

Maybe you get a raise or some other synchronicities occur.

Your subconscious is connected to ALL THAT IS.

Mindset is the FIRST step in creation.

One more example:

Things in this country are never going to change.


You could change it to:

Wow. We are making some headway! I am HERE FOR THIS.

Now listen.

I know that there are systems in place in this country and around the world designed to keep people down.

I see you.

I know this.

There are so many BIG systems that need to be demolished, restructured, re-imagined… Like… hmmm… every structure?


But hear me:

I don’t want you to wait on this freaking, slow-ass country to change to keep you from living your dreams.

You deserve more than that.

Change has got to happen systemically.


Change in your life can also start within you, today.

That goes for my Black and Brown siblings.

My queer siblings.

My women siblings.

Every one of you out there is facing at least one kind of -ism or -y, if not more.

WHILE things are moving towards change (however freaking slowly), I encourage you to work on your mindset at the same time.

Many of you are already masters at perseverance and resilience because you’ve HAD to be.

This is another area of rewiring that you can try (if you so choose).


Now that you’ve got your positive list of possibility and abundance, you need to LOOK AT IT and repeat these new beliefs back to yourself every day.

Fold that piece of paper in half and post the positive beliefs next to your bed where you see them at night and every morning.

As you do this repetitive work, you’re creating new neural pathways in your brain and deconstructing the old unhelpful ones.

This process will take some doing to get out of your old mindsets of scarcity, lack of love, lack of opportunity, resistance, stuckness, etc.


This is the first, first, first, first step to getting anywhere new in your life.

You’ve got to get whatever change you want into your mind.

You've got to believe that whatever you want IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

Okay… that’s your coaching for this week.

I’ve still got a few slots open for my Map of Loves Ones reading and they’ve been VERY interesting!

I got some accurate names coming through and a reference from a spirit that made the person I was reading for laugh out loud because it was a running joke.


It still boggles my mind.


Until next week, loves…

Sending you big, big hugs, Rebecca*

PS: Think you know someone who could use some direction, guidance, or connection in life? Send them my way. Thank you. <3

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