How to protect your magic during a revolution

coping skills habits self care Jun 10, 2020

Hello friends,

We’re in the middle of a revolution.

It’s about time.

For so many reasons, it feels wrong to move forward with business as usual, because business, as usual, was/is a racist, misogynist, capitalist, pandemic mess.

Also, whoever came up with the phrase “business as usual,” didn’t understand empathy.


So I’m looking at ways to be of service that look new.

I haven’t figured it out yet.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about my role in terms of the revolution.

We ALL have a role.

Some people are protesting.

Some people are organizing.

Some people are writing.

Some people are signing petitions.

Some people are educating.

Some people are creating.

Many of us are learning.

I know you all know this, but the people to turn to in terms of leadership are ALWAYS the Black and Brown voices.

Especially Black and Brown femmes.


Today if you go to Instagram and enter #SharetheMicNow into the search field, you’ll see 50 Black women speaking from the Instagram platforms of 50 white women with large platforms.

“The intention of this campaign is to magnify Black women and the important work they are doing in order to catalyze the change that will only come when we truly hear each other’s voices.”

This is an excellent opportunity for us non-Black folks to learn, listen, and grapple with our own stuff.

Action step: go check that out today.

In terms of my role, I believe that I am here to heal, entertain, and inspire via my writing, my work, and my art.

I’m still discerning how and where that work will be most effective.

I know that teaching self-care is one way I know how to help right now. So let’s dig into that.

If you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person, you may be feeling EXCEPTIONALLY drained from everything that’s happening with the protests.

And the pandemic.

And the regular struggles of life.

Hard things continue to happen in addition to the masses waking up and taking action.

People are getting sick.

People are closing businesses.

People are getting divorced.

People are without jobs.

People are dying.

It’s a LOT.

Plus we’re all taking extra time to check on one another, so the propensity for you to pick up other people’s stuff is higher.


I want to teach you a simple technique you can do to help disconnect yourself from feeling EVERYONE’s energy so that you can protect and tune into your own energy.

You’re going to need this technique in order to maintain your energy.

It’s called the Zip Up and it will help protect your energy and keep negative or toxic energy out of your system.

I learned this technique from reading Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.


The Zip Up:

Step one: If you are able to, stand, otherwise you can stay seated or lying down on your back.

Step two: Run both hands from your pubic bone up to your lower lip while imagining that you are zipping up your energetic bio-field (or aura) slowly and intentionally, keeping positive, bright energy in and letting and murky energy move out.

Step three: Repeat this process a second and a third time.


I will tell you that I was in such a state this past Friday, I could barely function.

I was crying, overwhelmed, exhausted and my day hadn’t even begun yet!

A friend reminded me to do the Zip Up (it’s easy to forget when you need it most).

I zipped up and was immediately calmer and more able to focus on my next steps for the day.

I encourage you to start your day with the Zip Up.

Do it before you get on social media…

before you read the news

before leaving your house.

Protect your magic and then carry on.

Speaking of energetic healing and magic…

I’ve got ONE more reduced rate group reading left.

If you’d like in, let me know and I’ll get you on the list.

Here’s what one past group reading participant said about her experience:

“Rebecca works with you to allow your team of guides to send messages through to you. Working with her, you can help interpret what is being said, sometimes starting with symbols, images or words, and then assembling the whole story of what's being shared and what that means. It's not about communicating directly with loved ones who have passed, though it can be, and more so about connecting with energy in your corner who have reminders or insight on where you are and what's ahead. It may or may not be what you want to hear, but no doubt it will be meaningful. Having worked with Rebecca now, I understand why coming in with a really clear intention about what you want out if is important.” ~ Stephanie B.

Okay loves, that’s all for this week.

Keep taking care of yourselves and care of one another,

Big hugs,


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