Tired of living out the same old patterns in your life?

getting unstuck multidimensional healing self care Jun 24, 2020

Oh man... P A T T E R N S.

I have to say, patterns are one of my favorite things in life.

You can find fun patterns in dancing, Zumba, nature, music, the rhythm of daily life.

There’s something about patterns that feel comforting to me.

Now there are those other patterns that serve as a source of extreme frustration.

The ones that make you tilt your chin to the sky and say…


You know the ones I’m talking about?

You sprain your ankle when you’re sixteen… then again at twenty-five… then again at thirty-three.

I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s just because I have weak ankles…”

Mmm… partly.

In my opinion.

Okay, how about this situation: You get stranded on a sailboat when you’re twelve.

Then it happens again when you’re thirty.

And you’ve really only been on a sailboat twice in your life.

What are the odds?

Or maybe the frustrating pattern is with relationships?

You meet someone who seems to be into you, but then you find out they’re really emotionally unavailable.

And that just. keeps. happening.

Or maybe you get cheated on once?

And then it happens again… and again…


Why does this pattern keep showing up in your life?

There’s some rhetoric going around in spiritual circles that you’ll keep facing a particular situation until you’ve learned that lesson.

And that can be true in some situations.

But I also think that you repeat certain struggles in life because there’s a part of you that needs to be healed.

It’s not a lesson, it’s an energetic wound.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Spraining your ankle at sixteen may have just been a fluke accident.

Or maybe it was right after a football game where you got into a big fight with your best friend and you were feeling disheartened and alone.

You weren’t watching where you were going and you stepped in a pothole and BAM! Sprained ankle.

The body can make all kinds of connections in heightened states.

For this situation maybe the connections are conflict + betrayal + pain + ankle.

You get in an argument with your boyfriend.

You’re feeling disheartened and alone.

You miss a step on a staircase and BAM!

Sprained ankle again.

[conflict + betrayal + pain + ankle]

Fast forward to age thirty-three… you’re on the phone with your Mom.

You’re not fighting, but she says something that makes you feel distant and agitated.

You spend the day feeling disheartened and alone.

The next day you wake up with your ankle throbbing and you think…

“Gosh… did I sprain my ankle again?

I don’t think I did…”

[conflict + betrayal + pain + ankle]

Interesting… no?

Here’s where multidimensional healing comes in.

As an energy practitioner, I often am looking at ALL of the variables - emotional, mental, physical, spiritual - involved in a traumatic incident.

Here’s where I find that people get stuck: They work on the current issue and often only on one aspect of it.

They go to therapy to address the current relationship that isn’t working.

They do physical therapy for the current ankle sprain.

They avoid sailboats completely.

There's nothing wrong with these methods and in fact, I applaud them as great action steps, but they may not resolve the pattern.

In the world of multidimensional healing, you travel back in time to the original incident.

You address and work to heal the first ankle sprain, the first incident of cheating, the first sailboat mishap.

You go back as FAR as you can remember and you heal THAT event.

It’s the original wound that’s seeking healing and so it will RE-CREATE similar situations until it's resolved.

Therapy is SO GOOD for so many things.

I consider it hugely important mental health maintenance.

But memory healing is a miraculous way to stop your frustrating patterns in their tracks.

And it works.

This pandemic is THE perfect time to work on this stuff.

Your schedule is open.

You’re taking a hard look at your life and wanting to grow.

Some of this old stuff is probably coming up anyway.

It’s the perfect complement to therapy.

(And you are in therapy… right?)

Plus this time is an incredible moment of transformation and healing — individually and worldwide.

Why not take advantage of a freed up schedule to heal so that you can emerge a stronger, more resilient, more emotionally healthy, and less patterned you?

If you’re interested in getting some help on this path, just shoot me an email.

That’s all for this week.

Keep your eyes open and your hearts open my friends.

Until next time,


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