How to ChatGPT your brain

focus habits Mar 06, 2024

[no a.i. involved]


Hi lovebug,


Do you know Tony Robbins? 


You honestly don’t have to know him (but how could you not)? The man seems to be everywhere.


If you don’t know him, he’s one of the big name original life coaches. 


He’s been doing amazing work to help people change their lives, their health, their relationships and their businesses for years now.


I brought him up because I remember him telling a story about getting ready for an event and he said he started to do incantations.


His pre-event incantation went like this:

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today to better their lives, by giving me the strength, the emotion, the persuasion, the humor, the brevity, whatever it takes to show these people and get these people to change their life now!”


He is an intense guy so he said it with INTENSITY over and over again to amp himself up and to DIRECT the powerful part of his brain (the subconscious) to assist him in doing what he wanted to do.


(I truly believe that he is a channel, but that’s for another day.)


I decided to take that incantation and make one of my own to recite over and over again, but honestly, it never stuck. 


What I did notice was that it helped me to sleep. 


I didn’t create an incantation and I wasn’t intense lying in my bed at 11:47 pm trying desperately to fall asleep, but I would say to myself “I now command my subconscious mind to help me fall asleep in the next five minutes.” 


It worked, EVERY TIME.


I started thinking about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and how it’s been likened to a captain and a crew.


In brief, the conscious mind (the captain) is the 5% of your brain. It analyzes, thinks and plans and is responsible for short term memory and willpower. It makes logical, rational decisions. 


The subconscious mind is the other 95% and left to its own devices, it runs the show. It’s the crew. It is responsible for long term memory, emotions and feelings, habits, patterns, addictions, creativity, protective reactions, and beliefs. It makes decisions based on past experiences. 


However, the conscious mind can program the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will follow that programming. The crew takes its orders from the captain. 


(Or that’s what the current belief is around these two parts of the mind.)


There are so many ways to reprogram the subconscious; positive affirmations, subliminal audios or videos, hypnosis, EFT tapping, Emotion Code® work (my personal favorite), maintain a strong gratitude practice… and they all work.


But what about when you’re IN THE MOMENT and need to get stuff done? Or need to stop thinking about stuff you need to get done? (like my falling asleep example)


I think it’s fun to play around with the subconscious mind like it’s ChatGPT. 


If you’ve never used ChatGPT, it’s an online artificial intelligence program that’s free to use for the public. It’s wild (and albeit, a little scary for me) but it can generate answers to just about any question you ask it.


If we can ask ChatGPT to do something and we also can think of our subconscious minds as a super computer, why not command them the same way?


Examples of:

Subconscious, I now command you to help me feel happier and more hopeful about the world today. 


Subconscious, I now command you to help me eat less sugar this week.


Subconscious, I now command you to help me write this blog post in thirty minutes or less about the topic of the subconscious mind.


Subconscious, I now command you to help me wake up and meditate every day. 


Subconscious, I now command you to help me focus deeply on this strategic planning work I need to get done.


Subconscious, I now command you to help me paint a new sort of painting today – something different than I’ve ever created. 


Subconscious, I now command you to keep me off of social media for the rest of the day. 


Now, you may need to repeat these orders in the moment because they are changeable. I don’t need some of these things every day of my life (except maybe the social media one - uch), but you can see how this works.


I’ve had awesome results from ChatGPTing my own brain. 


Now you try it and tell me how it goes for you. 

Until next week!



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