Black Creativity Matters

creativity inspiration Jun 06, 2020

I am participating in the #AmplifyMelinatedVoices Challenge happening June 1st through June 7th.

To keep in lockstep with the challenge, the only thing you'll be hearing from me today is the Black people who have brought me joy AND taught me so much through their excellence, their humor, their kindness, and just by being their amazing, creative selves.

Non-Black friends, pick a show or an account (or all of these accounts) and follow, watch, learn, listen, and be quiet.

No comments. No DMs. No emojis. Just listen and learn and grapple with your feelings.

Now... on to some Black creatives I love!

Up first, Amanda Seales: (Instagram @amandaseales)

I recommend you watch her special I Be Knowin'.

If you don't have HBO, you can get the two-week free trial and watch it. And then watch it again.

She is hilarious and wicked smart and you may learn something. I know I did.

She also has a podcast — Small Doses with Amanda Seales — that I find educational and empowering. You can listen here.

Up next, Kev on Stage: (Instagram @kevonstage)

I first found out about Kev on Stage when Prince Harry announced his engagement to Megan Markle and I just sat there beaming at his utter JOY about having a Black woman in Buckingham Palace. It was AMAZING. (I'm smiling watching it now, here.)

You can read about ALL the cool things Kev does here and if you like his work, you can support his Patreon here.

Up next, Professional Black Girl (Instagram @professionalblackgirl)

Dance videos. Funny videos. Black excellence. It's all on this Instagram account. Her account is like a light on so many dark days. And she has a Patreon that you can contribute to here.

Omg y'all... I just learned something new! Professional Black Girl is a web series! (I just discovered this!) This ALSO lights me up! And now I've got something new to watch. Here's a preview.

And last, the one, the only, Beyoncé. (Instagram @beyonce)

Have you watched her Netflix special Homecoming? IT IS EPIC and much more than just a jaw-dropping performance.

It's an inspiration and an education.

I look up to Beyoncé as an artist, a performer, a risk-taker, a powerhouse, and a businesswoman. She inspires me ALL the damn time.

Do you follow or know a Black creative (large scale or local) who brings you joy?

Are you a Black creative who I can follow?

I'd love for you to share more Black creatives in the comments with me so I can follow, celebrate, and support these artists and their work.

Before we wrap up for this week, I just need to add this side note:

This is part of the work and definitely only PART of the work.

If you haven't checked out this website, add it to your list:

It's FULL of ways you can take action today and every day into the future.

(Yep. Every day.)

As the website says, "This doesn't go away once the topic isn't Trending."

That's all for this week.

Please keep your eyes open, your ears open, and hearts open.

Be smart and stay safe,

With love,


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