How I realized my mediumship abilities

psychic mediumship Mar 13, 2024

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Hello lovebug,


We’re taking a break from business to talk spirituality this week.


I personally think the two are intertwined: I find that the business owners I resonate with the most have a strong spiritual connection to the divine.


I’ve had a number of folks ask me over the years how I realized I was a medium.


Well, I’ve said this before, but I believe everyone is a medium in some capacity.


Perhaps spirit speaks through you via music or dance or poetry.


Perhaps spirit speaks through you in the wise ways you parent.


Perhaps spirit speaks through you in the way you manage your business or connect with your partner or stand up for social justice causes.


I believe that when we are in alignment, the divine works through us and we get to be that perfect instrument.


I didn’t set out four years ago to become a medium. 


I was feeling lost and confused and unmoored. 


I knew that meditation was something that helped me feel grounded and more clear. 


There was a group on my meditation app where you could commit to meditate for 365 in a row with no misses.


I don’t usually sign up for challenges, but for some reason, I did this time.


I made an agreement with myself that I would meditate every day for 365 days, even if it was only for one minute, and if I missed a day I would restart the clock. 


Here’s how it went according to the history on my meditation app that measures meditation in milestones (by counts of ten):


I began in November 2018


December 2018: 30 Consecutive days milestone


Missed a day - reset


February 2019: 70 Consecutive days milestone


Missed a day - reset 


March 2019: 20 Consecutive days milestone 


Missed a day - reset


April 2019: 20 Consecutive days milestone 


Missed a day - reset


Then I started to get fed up and I think I set a timer on my phone or started meditating in the morning so I wouldn’t miss a day. 


August 2019: I’d meditated for 120 days consecutively (plus the 140 days that I’d started and restarted – so 260 days total with a handful of misses) 


And that was the month I took an intro to mediumship workshop, successfully did a reading for someone and was told that I had mediumship abilities. 


I got all the way to 300 Consecutive days in February of 2020 and then missed a day… but by that point Spirit had already begun to work through me and it was no longer about meditating every day, it was about honing this new skill I’d uncovered.


By that time I’d already figured out that the visions I was seeing and the voices I kept hearing were not something I was imagining.


So… Do you just meditate every day and hey presto! You’re a medium. (?)


No. There are many devoted meditators out there who have no mediumship abilities or abilities that they would point to.


But if you have an inkling that this might be a skill you want to develop, then I believe that meditating is the place to begin.


Every day. 


Day in and day out. 


I focused on my listening practice because that’s what was easiest for me. 


That practice further developed my already strong clairaudient (hearing voices intuitively) ability. 


After things began to come to light for me (I’d read dozens of blog posts and kept having this FEELING that I needed to explore mediumship), I took a mediumship class and then began exploring more training.


You can do this too. You can become a medium.


What are your questions on mediumship? I’d love to know what questions I can answer for future writing. 

Until next week!



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