STORYTIME: My healing journey

multidimensional healing spirit connection Apr 03, 2024

Hello lovey,

I was talking to a client the other day and she was telling me about some health struggles she was feeling hopeful to recover from in our work together.

Since she didn’t know much about me, I told her my (abridged) healing story. 

After we got off our call, I realized… I’ve never told you my healing story. 

I can’t believe it. 

Now, you’re going to get a somewhat abridged version too (because I know you have other things to do today and my journey has been LONGITY LONG LONG) and we don’t want to make your boss wonder what the heck you’re up to over there scrolling and scrolling. 

So! *claps hands* On to the story…  

I spent most of my childhood seemingly always sick with something

The joke is that instead of coming out of the womb crying, I came out sneezing. (true facts)

(I’m sure some part of me was like, “Wait. Earth! AGAIN!?! Oh no… *achoo!*”) 

I was one of those kids who was constantly sniffling, sneezing, had a sore throat, had a fever, had HUGE tonsils, had a sinus infection, had a cough, had another super high fever, had the flu, had an inhaler, was allergic to dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, pollen, milk, dust, mold, grass. 

I remember that my legs would itch just from sitting on grass as a kid. SITTING in the GRASS. 

The heck… 

I mean. My poor parents! Dealing with a kid who was sick SO MUCH. I’m sure it was exhausting.

And my poor younger self. Gosh… 

Honestly, I was a pretty happy and energetic kid in between all those times when I didn’t feel good (which was a lot of the time), but when I was sick, I was SICK.

I made it through grade school, but the ill health continued into my twenties: I was diagnosed with a terrible bout of pneumonia then mono, whooping cough (yes, really), eczema on my hands that was so severe I couldn’t bend my fingers or touch water without wearing gloves for weeks (it was bad, so painful)... Then Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and then, at twenty-six, ovarian cancer.

Now I know the word cancer is like Voldemort and holds a lot of charge for many people, but I want to assure you that I am okay. 

I also know cancer is a devastation to many people and many families. Period. 

For me it was a crucial turning point for my personal evolution. 

Cancer changed my life for the better.

I am incredibly fortunate and grateful for that and I don’t take that for granted.

After I was diagnosed with cancer, went through the surgery and a few rounds of chemo, I decided that I was done with feeling awful all of the time. 

Like, DONE done. 

At some point during my cancer recovery, my folks suggested I go to a psychic medium.

So I went (for the first time ever) and she introduced me to the world of metaphysics. 

She recommended the book The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn where I learned that thoughts are things and you can start to create your life by how you think and the words you speak. 

I was completely blown away, but some part of me thought, “But of course! This concept makes so much sense!!”  

I also started reading Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. (A classic book for healing yourself. I ended years of skin breakouts by repeatedly talking to myself positively in the mirror using phrases from that book. It was wild.)

I started to put together all the ways that my words and thoughts had been affecting my health. 

I began seeing a N.A.E.T. practitioner (that stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) and overcame many of my allergies that had plagued me as a child.

I stopped eating gluten and lessened my dairy intake. 

Eventually I stopped needing my inhaler. (after YEARS of taking one regularly - it was HUGE)

My body was strong enough to not just have a pet (for the first time!) but three: two cats and a dog. 

I stopped sniffling constantly. 

I got on meds for my thyroid.

I started practicing Reiki and became a Reiki master.

I bought DVDs (oh yes) on Emotional Freedom Technique and studied to become a practitioner.

I started going to a N.E.T. therapist (that stands for Neuro Emotional Technique) and started clearing many of the heavy emotions I’d been carrying from childhood.

I started meditating with a local Zen community.

I eliminated heavily perfumed soaps, detergents and candles from my environment.

I started thinking of my body as an orchid that needed exquisite care.

I learned I was a highly sensitive person and that loud noises, rough fabrics and intensely violent visuals were not good for my well-being. (No more scary movies for me!)

I started setting boundaries and trading energy work with a friend on a weekly basis. 

Then I came across the Emotion Code® (and wow) it changed my life AND my business nearly overnight.

(Ask any of my clients and they’ll say the same about how much this work has changed their lives too. It’s phenomenal.)

As you can see, I did and still do A LOT just to feel good in my body. 

And to be honest, the work continues. 

It can be tough to exist in this world as someone who is sensitive, feels so deeply and senses into other dimensions. 

I work on clearing my energy and my space regularly to take care of myself.

My health is not perfect by any measure, but it is WORLDS better. 

Now I see ill health as my body’s way of trying to get my attention to do something differently. 

So why am I telling you this story?

I always think it’s important to know where people come from, what they’ve lived through, and how they can then relate to you when it comes to your personal struggle.

I have most definitely been through it. 

One of the things I’ve realized over the past few years is that my core purpose is to help others heal.

I help facilitate healing in one way, shape or form, regardless of why people come to work with me. 

We are constantly healing a relationship with something: money, self-worth, their physical body, their past, their past lives, their family members, their partner… 

It all hinges on healing. 

Just like some mediums who connect with loved ones on the other side have experienced tremendous loss and then their work is to help others who have been through a similar situation.

I believe that I have been through a ton of health things in my life (and emotionally hard things as well that I didn’t even get into but are absolutely related) that has informed the work I do.

The final frontier for me has been spiritual healing—or multidimensional healing.

Working across timelines. Working across dimensions. Working to clear entities and curses and energetic drains on your system. THIS is the work that is blowing my mind right now in the most amazing way.

And it’s been changing the game for me personally and professionally. 

I’ve been incorporating this work into my mediumship sessions since I completed my training in December. 

The results? Incredible. 

Like, seriously, whoa. 

I’m going to be talking about these offers more in the coming weeks, but here’s the gist:

I sit down with you to do a psychic medium session and I tune into what your body needs right now.

Oftentimes it’s a combination of emotional clearing, multidimensional healing (SUCH cool stuff) and spiritual guidance. 

Clients who used to come for me for a psychic medium reading once a year are coming back to see me every few weeks because they feel SO MUCH BETTER doing this deep healing work.

It’s called Creative Emotional Wizardry. Getting this training was the main reason I went to Italy last December.

Totally. TOTALLY. Worth it. 


If you’re ready to check this work out, I’ve created three different options for you: 

Option 1: 

Psychic Medium reading and Multidimensional Healing: 30 minutes, $125

*best for simple, singular issues or regular follow-ups

Book a ½ hour session now

Option 2: 

Psychic Medium reading and Multidimensional Healing: 55 minutes, $189

*recommended for first time clients and for multiple or complex issues

Book a 55 minute session now

Option 3: 

3 session package of Psychic Medium reading and Multidimensional Healing: 55 minutes, $525 ($175 per session)

*sessions must be booked within a two month window

Buy a package of sessions now

Like I said, I’ll be sharing more about these healing methods in the coming weeks, but I couldn’t wait to share these options with you.

If you have questions about this work, please reply to this email. 

Big sunny hugs,


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