What to do when intuition isn’t a clear YES or NO.

coping skills getting unstuck intuition Sep 02, 2020


You know that feeling?

You need to make a decision, but something doesn’t feel right.

And you can’t put your finger on what it is… but it’s DEFinitely something.

That feeling is one of my least favorite feelings.

But here’s the good news about that feeling: It’s such valuable information.


It IS telling you something.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this feeling.

It’s telling you to WAIT.

  • You need more time to consider your options.

  • You need more information.

  • You need more things to come to light.

  • You need to have the opportunity to find a third option that’s better.

  • You need to set clear boundaries or expectations before you move forward.

  • You need an opportunity to get really clear on your priorities.

  • You may need to be honest with yourself or with someone else.

  • You need to sort out your feelings about some aspect of the decision.

That feeling is basically saying



Once you can identify how this WAIT feeling shows up for you, it’s incredibly helpful for decision making, for communication purposes, AND for stress management.

This self-awareness is worth millions. (I’m not kidding.)

Here's your action step for this week: start paying attention to how that wait feeling shows up for you.

It'll help so much.

I promise.


PS: If you’re on the verge of a decision, but you’re not sure which way to go and you can’t identify that wait feeling for yourself yet, I’d love to help. 90% of my clients say that I’ve confirmed something for them via channeling that they’d been on the fence about. If you know you need help beyond one session (most folks really do), contact me. I'd love to talk about your goals heading into the next few months.

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