What is a psychic medium reading really like?

psychic mediumship self care spiritual coaching Sep 09, 2020

Oh gosh.


Channeling is literally one of my favorite things to do in the world and it’s my wish for everyone to connect with their guides at least once through a medium.

So let me tell you what it’s like as if YOU were the client.

(very exciting)

When you set up a session, I send a whole explanatory email telling you what to expect and how to prepare.

We set up a time to do a video call over Zoom because I want to see your face, connect with you energetically, AND record the audio for you to keep and listen to whenever you choose.

On the day of the session, after some introductions, explanations, and usually some laughs, I feel a distinct energy enter in through the top of my head—my crown chakra—and I get the feeling that we need to begin.

(I often start to get this feeling about fifteen minutes before a session begins depending on how insistent or strong the client’s Spirit Team is on the other side.)

As this energy enters my body, I drop into a light trance where I feel in my body, but also out of my body at the same time.

I get hyper-focused on what I’m hearing, seeing, feeling, and interpreting and less aware of my own surroundings or my thoughts.

Information starts to pour in.

I will have asked you in my preparatory email to come up with some general areas (family, work, health, relationships, etc.) you want information on and also some more specific questions to ask.

When we begin your session, I ask for you to share the general categories and your guides make a note of this, but they’ll start with and cover whatever topics they feel are the most crucial.

As I begin to tune in, I’ll start to hear something repetitive like grandma on mom’s side… grandma on mom’s side… grandma on mom’s side.

At which point I’ll confer with you if that grandma has passed over or if she’s living and I need to relay some information about her.

After all the information about grandma has been delivered I’ll hear “We’re moving on to work,” and then I relay that information to you.

I really am a channel in the most literal sense of information passing through me.

Often times during a session, I will share some information and the client will say “That’s so funny… I was just talking about doing that yesterday.”

That’s no funny coincidence.

That’s your spirit team giving you CLEAR guidance (through me) about a topic you were wondering about.

During the whole session, you are sitting there listening, absorbing this flood of information, confirming details, asking questions, AND ALSO your connection to your Spirit Team is opening up through your crown chakra.

This connecting process happens without you having to do anything (except be open to a session) and if you’re open to it, it will continue long after your session(s) with me are complete.

All in all, it’s pretty neat (if I do say so myself).

Here's what one of my recent clients said about his experience:

“It was a quantum leap—I would really recommend three sessions. I would say just do it! It’s amazing! It’s so transformational in ways I wasn’t anticipating. I had a team of guides working on me. Rebecca is just so tender and makes people feel comfortable and not afraid. She’s so warm and does a really good job explaining what’s happening and what the process looks like so that it’s not scary.”

If you've been thinking about a session or a series, now is a great time to get on my schedule. Just shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Until next week loves!


PS: If you feel an intuitive nudge to do something, listen, and follow it! Those nudges come from your guides doing their magic. They know what they're doing! lol... xoxo!

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