The most important chakra for artists

creativity multidimensional healing Oct 27, 2021

So, you’re an artist, right?

Maybe you take photos, you play music, you love watercolors, or you write.

You love to DJ or salsa dance or bake or quilt or arrange flowers.

Maybe you don’t call yourself an artist, per se, but you create something.

Or maybe you used to…

Or maybe you want to…

Either way, that DESIRE to MAKE something (tangible or not) is IN you.

We all have it.

Creatives, Artists, Makers, Craftspeople— we have that urge showing up a bit stronger in us.

Creating is one of the big things we’re here to do in our time on this planet.

So, as an artist, which chakra would you say is the most IMPORTANT one for doing creative work?

Is it the sacral chakra that sits in your pelvic region?

This swirling orange energy center rules reproduction and that’s a particularly powerful creative force, isn’t it?

Or what about the throat chakra?

That turquoise blue chakra governs expression and career so it tracks that the throat chakra would be all important for artistic creation.

What about the third eye chakra?

This energy center rules vision and intuition. How could you envision what you want to create without that heightened sense of perception?

You could argue that the crown chakra, your connection to source energy that provides inspiration for all that is, could be the crucial chakra for an artist. But is it?

Or what about the heart chakra? Love and passion spring from this energy center, so wouldn’t you absolutely NEED that chakra working smoothly to create?

Here’s what I think:

The most important chakra for you as an artist is the chakra area where you are being asked to grow right now.

Yes, the sacral chakra is associated with creativity and the third eye chakra governs imagination, but if you don’t have other areas of your life in alignment, it can still be hard to create and you can end up feeling stuck.

Here’s what I mean:

If you struggle with feeling grounded, family, and money, your cherry popsicle red root chakra could need some attention and balancing.

If you flounder in areas around sex, relationships, and creativity, your brilliant orange sacral chakra may need some love.

If you have trouble speaking up for yourself, setting boundaries, and standing in your own power, your bright, sunny yellow solar plexus chakra could use some work.

If you have issues with love, intimacy, feeling your feelings, healing your emerald green heart chakra may need some healing.

If it’s difficult to speak your truth, if you chronically interrupt people, if you can’t connect with work you love, your peacock blue throat chakra could use some nurturing.

If you feel disconnected from your own wisdom, your imagination, or your vision for your life, your deep indigo colored third eye chakra may be out of whack.

And lastly, if you feel like you’ve lost your link to spirit, to your purpose, to all that is, your majestic violet crown chakra may have closed down at some point.

I am not shooting for perfection here and I am not saying you have to stop creating and run to your nearest energy healer to get your chakras sorted.

*throws laptop and runs frantically out the door*

No, darlin. ;)

What I’m saying is that part of BEING an artist is continuing to evolve as a spirit-filled human being.

We grow in an area, we stretch, we heal, we re-align, and we jive with that way of being for a while.

Then a new area of growth comes to light.

If you’re not growing or being asked to grow, then you’re not living a creative life.

When you look at this list of chakras or when you tune into your body system, which chakra calls out for nurturing and attention?

I’d love to hear which one is it for you and how you think it may be affecting your work as an artist.

Also, if you want to argue with me on this one, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Reply and let me know.

I’ll be holding space for your growth this week,


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