The spiritually guided workday (for entrepreneurs)

business focus spiritual coaching May 11, 2021

This blog post is written specifically with the self-employed in mind, but if you’re not self-employed you can apply this information to any area of your life—read on.

Do you ever find yourself with a laundry list of to-do items for your business, but absolutely no idea where to start?

Do you start a new training, work on a podcast for next month, finish up some admin work, hell… should you hire someone to do that admin work for you?

The number of decisions business owners need to make daily can feel completely overwhelming.

Sometimes there are so many decisions to be made, decision paralysis sets in and you end up spending a little too much time tumbling eyes first into Tik Tok.

Here’s a new option to try:

Get yourself into a still space and tune into the wisdom of your guides to know what to do next.

The wisdom that comes through can be as random as, “Go load the dishwasher.”

Other times it can be straightforward:

“Respond to that email you’ve been avoiding,”

or “Finish the second module in that training you started last week,”

or “Get a draft of your blog post done.”

If you don’t hear words intuitively, then I suggest looking around your office or at your computer tabs.

Where do your eyes rest?

Do that.

When I’m feeling all over the map, I love listening to what my guides have to say.

Sometimes I need their help more than others.

When I’m too tired, feeling mentally taxed, or haven’t meditated in too many days in a row, tuning into my guides and asking for the right next step helps me ground and then get moving.

Sometimes all you need is someone else to tell you what to do so you can stop thinking about E-V-E-R-Y-thing at once.

Switching into worker bee mode can be just the ticket to get tasks done.

Sometimes you need help stepping back so you can be the boss and look at the vision of your business with a bird’s eye view.

I love that one of my Intuitive Rockstar students, who’s an amazing writer, is now taking marching orders from her guides.

She’s patiently figuring out her next steps, but not without help from her Light Team in spirit along the way.

It’s phenomenal to see how with every step she makes she keeps looking inward and checking in with her guides instead of searching for outside authorities to tell her what to do.

She’s gaining so much power and really standing in her confidence.

If you don’t know what it feels like to develop this strong inner connection to your own wisdom, get on the list for my Intuitive Rockstar course now.

In this course teach you skills that you can apply to running your business, running your home, and running your life, really.

And honey, being an intuitive rockstar is not just for the “psychically gifted”.

It’s for everyone.

When you follow my teachings and follow-through on the daily steps to connect with your guides, you’ll gain so much in terms of decision making about your business and life as a whole.

If you haven’t yet, get on the Intuitive Rockstar list here. You’ll be the first to know when I open the doors again in a few months.

OK! Self-employed folks, I’m talking to you this week!

Your assignment is to start looking inwards and taking direction from your guides via your intuition. Email me and tell me how it goes!

Until next week love bug…


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