Is it wise to trust your crazy ideas?

inspiration intuition spiritual coaching Mar 24, 2021

My mom is visiting from Virginia this week.

She introduced me to this TV show—which I am now COMPLETELY HOOKED into watching.

It’s called Escape to the Chateau.

Okay yes, I am a long-time Francophile.

Yes, I love a design show that breathes life into old grandeur.

But most of all, I love watching people follow through on their crazy ideas. 

Here’s a quick (no spoiler) synopsis of the show.

Couple from London wants to live their dream life in the French countryside.

They find an incredible, albeit, dilapidated, 45 room chateau.

They IMMEDIATELY fall in love.


So of course, they buy it. 

And then you get to go along for the wild ride of fixing the place up. 


(If you have the peacock app, you can watch for free. I’m sorry because now you will ALSO be hooked… and also, you’re welcome.)

So… I’m sitting there watching this couple decide to make this completely INSANE purchase.

They literally had PAGES and PAGES of solid evidence that would make any rational-minded person think... this is ridiculous! We shouldn't buy this place...

Or an even more panicked voice yelling, 

“NO! TURN BACK! DO NOT PASS GO. Do NOT buy this place!

But something deep and knowing and passionate in both of them said, “Let’s do it.”

Have you ever done something like that before?

An opportunity presented itself and it felt like a tug at the front of your shirt saying… “Come on.”

It’s a call to adventure, right? 

There’s SOMEthing that sparks your attention and you can’t let it go.

It takes hold of you.

(And it might feel a little crazy… at first.)

And—true to form—people may indeed call you crazy for following through on an idea like that!

Some people, that is.

Other people will say they’re excited for you, envious, inspired, amazed, impressed, cheering you on, and living vicariously through you!

Every time I’ve followed through on one of my crazy (and I should also add INTUITIVELY INSPIRED) ideas, my life took on an excitement and a sparkle that hum-drum ideas just don’t have. 

  • I backpacked around Europe for 16 days a month after being diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told me not to go. I said, “Mmm... yeah, okay. I’ll see you when I get back.”

  • I moved 3,000 miles away from Richmond, Virginia to Portland, Oregon without ever visiting once. I made that move by driving across cross-country by myself at age twenty-two before cell phones or GPS were a normal thing.

  • I started a Zumba business from scratch after seeing one inspiring video on YouTube. I took my first training without ever attending a class.

  • I decided in February of 2018 to spend three months traveling around Europe with my mom and dad to visit the countries of our ancestors. On March 18th I was on a plane.

There are more examples from my life, but you get the idea. 

When I get an intuitive flash of a crazy idea, it ignites something in my heart center and stirs something in my power center, my solar plexus. 

It feels like someone poured lighter fluid on my internal pilot light and lit a match.

Once that passionate fire is lit? Well, there's no turning back.  

I am DOING that thing. 

These kinds of GO FOR IT feelings are the stuff that movies and books are made of.

Did you read Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert? (If you haven't, read it or at least go look up the synopsis...)

That was a crazy idea. 

Have you heard of a company called Airbnb?

That was TOTALLY a crazy idea. (Wait… you let people stay in your HOUSE?!)

Have you watched Insecure? (If you haven't, add it to your list...)

That show began as a web series on YOUTUBE that Issa Rae started with ZERO MONEY while she was deciding whether to go to business school or law school.

Um, hello. That’s CRAZY. 

Light bulbs. Personal computers. Planes.

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. 

Physicians in the 1800s being told to wash their hands to avoid the spread of infection.


Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Paying attention to the small voice of intuition about our crazy ideas doesn’t just help steer our personal lives.

It helps move the whole world forward so we can evolve as a species. 

Is following an intuitive, passionate idea easy?


Are you destined for success if you follow that idea?

No. Not always. But often. 

Will there be challenges and maybe pushback along the way?


Will you regret going for it?


I say this because many of us lean HEAVILY on our rational minds to make choices about our lives. 

And that’s GREAT.

We all need our rational minds to function. 

But living like that can be boring, staid, uninspiring, and dull. 

What I’m encouraging you to do today, is to start leaning into your intuition MORE. 

What flashes keep coming through?

What lights an inspiring fire within you?

What makes you immediately excited? 

What scares the hell out of you in a …” But... that’s CRAZY!” kind of way? 

In other words, what is YOUR crazy idea? 

The thing about crazy ideas is that there’s energy and passion and POWER in them. 

It's BRILLIANT to trust them. 

They’re the kind of ideas that PULL you forward instead of you having to PUSH them into being. 

And dreams that pull you forward are easier to sustain than goals that you have to push towards.

Willpower fades without a strong, passionate dream attached to it. 

Does that make sense?


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