I’ve changed my mind

May 28, 2024

Hello lovey!

I’m emailing you on Tuesday this week because Monday was a holiday in the States. 

The Universe amazes me sometimes. 

Last week I shared two blog posts.

On Monday: How to break your big patterns.

On Thursday: How to keep promises to yourself.

On Friday I had this realization:

I realized that I needed to break a big pattern of my own, AND by doing so, keep a promise to myself.

I’m shaking my head at the irony. 


I’ve been talking to you for weeks now about a new program I’m launching: 

Spiritual Meditation for Beginners.

It’s the foundational course for spiritual growth (in my opinion) and I told you that I’d be launching it this past week.

For you keen observers out there, you know that I did not, in fact, launch that live course.

Now it viscerally pains me to say one thing to my community and then to decide to do something else.

I value your trust in me and I hang my hat on keeping my word as best as I can. 


As a business owner and a spiritual teacher, sometimes changing your mind to trust your instincts is exactly what you need to do. 

In the middle of the day on Friday I was sitting in the middle of one of my own of my big, annoying patterns:

Doing a project with a lot of complexity at the last minute.

Exhausting myself in order to keep my word.

Overloading myself in order to please rather than stepping back and taking a minute to evaluate what actually felt good and right.

And trying to do everything myself.

These are exactly the patterns I told myself I was going to break this year. 

I made this Instagram post early on in the year:

And yet there I was, practically ABLAZE, in the midst of my old pattern.

** WARNING! WARNING! Woman on fire! **

I was prepared to spend the entire holiday weekend putting the finishing touches on a program that I did not—for personal reasons out of my control—have the bandwidth for AT ALL. 

I have done this many times and lemmetellya, it’s awful.

So I made a decision.

I let myself chang my mind. 

I decided to release my new course in July so that it can be what I want it to be: 


I decided to stop pushing myself (and my online business manager, Lauren) so freaking hard to get this thing done because we had already been going a mile a minute for weeks.

(I don’t know about Lauren, but I’ve been TIRED.)

I decided to keep that promise to myself of not hustling so hard and instead, taking the time to create something incredibly solid and life changing for you. 

(I always stand behind what I create and teach AND I want this to be next level.)

I decided to listen to my intuition and stop trying to make something happen and trust in Divine timing.

(I’ve found over the years that when I trust my own timing, it usually ends up working out better for everyone else too.)

You know, I hired Lauren to help me grow my business and yet I was still acting like someone who had to do everything all by herself. 

(Even though Lauren is ten times better than me at so many things that are definitely not my genius.)

I think most of you will probably be like, “You’re going to release it in July? Cool.”

And it’s actually no big deal.

But when you work for yourself and/or when your work really matters to you, it can cloud your judgment to the point of you not being able to see the forest for the trees. 

It is OK to change your mind when it makes sense.

As an entrepreneur, your community will be much more understanding if you only do this once and a while and continue to show up for them consistently with heart-centered content they can use. 

I will continue to do this for y’all as I have been every week since January of 2020. 

So, the course will be out in July.

You have more time to jump on the early bird list to get 10% off.

This course going to be SO MUCH MORE than I even dreamed back when I announced it and that’s going to be such a win for you. <3

In the meantime, thank you for reading this, thank you for being a part of my community, I truly treasure you and the energy you bring to the whole. <3


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