How to break your big patterns

May 20, 2024

Hello lovebug,

This week has been about one big thing: 


I don’t know what is going on astrologically, but people are working through some BIG patterns right now.

Patterns about the fear of conflict…

Patterns around being taken advantage of..

Patterns around setting boundaries…

Patterns around centering themselves…

Patterns around feeling safe to be vulnerable…

Patterns around people pleasing… 

And these are in my business sessions! 

(Your patterns will show up everywhere—especially in business—until you choose to face them and do something different. It’s so annoying, but it’s true.)

It has been a week of tears on my client calls because everyone seems to be coming face to face with a pattern they most want to avoid.

I call that a breakthrough week. 

Let me be clear: it is so very uncomfortable.

The tears are the outpouring of that stuck energy that’s been swirling inside their bodies without an outlet—oftentimes these patterns have been going on for years and they’re finally moving.

[BTW: My client sessions aren’t usually this tear heavy. When the topic is this big, I’m so grateful my clients feel safe enough to cry and let that energy move through and out.]

So how do you break your big patterns when you don’t have a coach to keep reflecting back to you?

I recommend a few things:

  • Identify what your big pattern is by figuring out what makes you cringe the most (you know what it is)
  • Start making baby steps towards rewiring this pattern by feeling the feelings you want to avoid in that experience. For example, if you find yourself doing ANYTHING to avoid sales, imagine a sales conversation and allow yourself to feel the uncomfy sensations that the (imaginary) convo brings. Cry, get embarrassed, breathe, shake your hands… let that energy move through you.
  • TAKE A BREAK and be gentle with yourself. Draw a bath. Take a walk. Drink some water. Sit and stare and breathe.
  • If you feel okay and regulated, you can try imagining the scenario again and see if you can move the next level of feelings through you. 
  • Again, take a break and be gentle with yourself. 
  • Once you’ve done this enough times, try role playing it in real life with someone you trust: your coach, a neutral friend or family member, your dog. 
  • Keep repeating until this even feels less charged so you can do that thing in real life.

Note: You will most likely figure out ways to avoid this process too! (We humans aren’t exactly into this kind of work on our own. That’s why coaches are so helpful when they get how to break patterns.)

Be compassionate with your process and remember that doing the thing you want to avoid the most is usually what moves the needle the most in your business. 

As you face that thing in gentle steps, it will feel less charged and you may find yourself actually enjoying the process. 


That is exactly what happened with me and sales calls. 

I used to hate them, I went through and cleared the emotions, practiced (uncomfortably—uch!) a lot, and then talking to people about what I do stopped being SO SCARY to my body. 

It really works.

If you need help with this process because you know that there’s a big pattern (or many) that you’re avoiding, book a time to chat here.

If we’re a fit, let’s get you breaking those patterns so you can create a new life for yourself and your family.

I’m sure that I have an offering that will help you where you are on your journey.


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