Heal yourself by doing what you want!

multidimensional healing soul work Jul 21, 2021

You’ve heard those stories where a woman goes to the doctor with health symptoms that won’t go away.

She’s given six months to live.

She quits her job and decides to start traveling.

She stops listening to all the naysayers in her life.

She unabashedly starts doing things she’s always wanted to do.

She figures… why not?

She’s only got six months to live.

And then, as if by magic, the health symptoms start to disappear.

Over the next few months she grows stronger, healthier, brighter…

The amazed doctor says she’s had a spontaneous healing.

By that time the woman is living a life she’s in love with.

She’s stopped holding herself back, stopped making excuses for not doing the things she really wants to do, stopped worrying what everyone in her life will think or say.

She stopped waiting to really live.

[sidebar before we go any further: Just FYI, I spent a large portion of my childhood and young adult years sick. I’m not devaluing or discounting the struggle of illness. I’ve lived it. AND ALSO—I also know that part of my healing was about letting myself live unapologetically. If you’re struggling with illness right now, I see you on your journey and I believe in your healing-whatever form that takes.]

You’ve heard these stories, right?

I find these stories SO inspiring!

Not only because the body wants to heal itself and is capable of so much miraculous healing, but because this woman went from a life that was contributing to making her sick to a life that was positively life-giving.

And she did it by following her soul’s path.

She stopped putting off the precious experience of LIVING and healed herself in the process.

It’s mysterious and beautiful and profound.

And it happens.

But what if you don’t have a near-death experience?

What if you’re not sick?

(And I’m not wishing illness as a motivator onto anyone. Trust me.)

What if your timeline for living feels infinitely stretched out into the future?

How do you conjure up the urgency to live NOW instead of getting lulled into the idea that there’s plenty of time left… until there isn’t?

And really, how do change your life to go do the things you’ve always wanted to do when nearly everything in (American) society says not to?

It takes courage.

It takes risk.

It takes self-trust.

It takes perseverance.

It takes following your intuition.

AND it takes a willingness to be different in the face of so many people telling you to be JUST LIKE THEM.

The truth here is really that you KNOW what you desire.

You know what your heart and soul long for.

You have an inkling of what you need and you may have been setting that need aside for years, decades even.

But it’s sitting there on your heart, hoping you won’t wait so long that time runs out.

How do you make the most of your time of Earth?

You start listening to the small voice.

You do it by learning to listening to your inner calling and then trust that your intuition knows best.

You do it by coming out of denial that life lasts forever.

You do it by not worrying so much about what other people think and becoming an inspiration with your courageous living.

You do it by acting and not thinking too much.

You get a coach who’s not afraid of you following your dreams and actually helps you get there.

You get out of your routine.

You shake things up.

You can make a plan with a deadline (if you want). Coaches are very good helping with accountability and follow through on deadlines too.

But ultimately?

You just freaking go for it.

Take one small action that feels like that living the way YOU want to live.

Don’t feel like you can make these changes on your own?

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