Is that fear or intuition talking?

habits intuition spiritual coaching Aug 05, 2020

Oh, man.

This is a toughie for newbies (and professionals sometimes too).

Learning to discern between your intuition and your inner fear monger takes PRACTICE.

But here’s one way you can tell: When you have a fear about something, stop and see where the fear is coming from.

Is it coming from your thoughts initially?

Or is it coming from your physical body initially?

When I’m stressed, my fearful thoughts seem to run rampant.

I know that usually, those thoughts are my anxious chatterbox and not based in my intuition.

If I slow down, eat better food, get more sleep, meditate, and take a media break, those thoughts fade.


When my body responds in fear — either a twist in my gut, a nauseated feeling, a whole-body tension, or clenching in my jaw — I sit up and pay attention.

Usually, that’s my intuition saying NO. STOP. BAD IDEA. DANGER. SERIOUSLY THOUGH.

Maybe you’ve experienced this feeling before?

You're faced with a decision and your body screams at you NO.

Listen to that PHYSICAL and ANCIENT wisdom of yours.

You’re not crazy.

Trust that feeling.

If your gut says no, be willing to be the bad guy in your family or friend group who says no — and explain to them why.

It FEELS wrong. In your GUT.

Then watch how relieved you feel after you’ve listened to your physical instincts.

We need more people listening to their wisdom in this world.

Be one of those people.

Until next week loves,


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