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coping skills energy work multidimensional healing Jan 13, 2021

Hey honey.

If you’re living in the United States (or watching horrified from another country)... hi. 

The world is a lot right now.

I feel like I’ve been saying that every week. 

I’m going to keep this short since I feel like attention spans are limited. 

I want to give you some suggestions for helping yourself over the next few weeks. 



If you consider yourself:

  • An empath

  • A creative

  • An intuitive

  • A highly sensitive person

  • A big-time feeler

  • An energy-sensitive human

  • A peacemaker

  • A lightworker

  • A healer

  • A Hufflepuff (I see you!)

I want you to listen up.

For the next couple of weeks, your job is to protect YOUR energy

YOUR energy first, then assist your kids, partner, siblings, elders, etc. 

I want you to take these three steps to get yourself righted again after what happened at the capitol last week. 

(You will likely need to keep repeating these steps.)

Step one: Clear your energy field. 

Clear your chakras. 

You can search online for how to do this process.

You can also schedule a session with me and we’ll ask your guides to help clear them. 

If you’re feeling really overloaded with negativity, schedule an hour, otherwise, 30 minutes will do it. 

Step two: Mentally envision a smaller aura. 

Your aura is a personal energy bubble around you.

If you’re feeling terrible because of what’s happening in the world, your aura is out too big and you're picking up too much energy—often negative energy. 

Mentally envision shrinking your aura down so that it extends about a foot or so from your body. 

Do this after you’ve cleared your chakras.

Step three: Raise your vibration

I know the tendency among many of the folks who follow this blog is to ABSORB negative energy in an attempt to TRANSMUTE it into positive energy.

Now is not the time. 

I want you to do the opposite. 

I want you to spend time around plants, animals, water, vibrant food, funny television, heartwarming stories, cuddly people (in your pod only), positive books, delightful friends. 

Dance. Draw. Make art. Make love. Re-pot a plant. Hold a baby. Snuggle your pup. Light a candle. Listen to music that lights you up. Take a drive. Bake. Daydream. Look at the stars.

Focus on positive feelings and thoughts: love, harmony, peace, gratitude, kindness, sweetness, gentleness, fairness, equanimity, compassion, divine goodness. 

I want you to think and feel LIGHT * LIGHT * LIGHT. 

See yourself glowing from your heart center until your whole being is light. 

Fill up your energy field to the point of overflowing. 

Go overboard with good feelings. 

Do this for yourself. 

Make yourself glow BRIGHT from the inside out.

That positive light will naturally spill over to those around you.

If you feel yourself getting slimed energetically, start from step one and repeat. 

Like I said, if the world is really taking its toll on you, schedule a session and I’ll guide you through the clearing process and see what else your guides suggest to assist you, okay? 

I’m here to help. 

Let’s recap!

  1. There’s a lot of negative energy swirling around right now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you are most likely absorbing too much of that energy.

  2. Clear your chakras.

  3. Shrink your aura to about a foot or so out from your body.

  4. Fill yourself with high vibrational thoughts so that you feel FULL of light.

  5. Repeat every time you feel slimed (low, depressed, unable to focus, lethargic, hopeless, helpless, etc.)

And please message me if you need support or guidance through this process. 

Now go DO the steps! lol...


PS: I'm going to be doing a beta group coaching version of my Your Truest Self 6 month transformational program. Reply if you're interested in hearing more about it.

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