Do you suspect that you have psychic abilities?

psychic mediumship May 02, 2024

I know I’ve told you the story about how meditating day after day for over a year is how I tuned into my psychic abilities, right?


(Well, if you’re new to the community, you can read more about it here.)


Anyway, the story I haven’t told you is about a client I’m currently working with as a spiritual mentor. 


I told her early on in our work together that meditation was going to be a big part of our work together. 


For a while, we worked together on the blocks keeping her from meditating (there are so many y’all—for everyone). 


Again, knowing that you need and want to do something, doesn’t always make it so that you can get yourself to do it.


She eventually figured out a rhythm of meditating at least once a day and sometimes twice, morning and night, to a guided meditation recording. 


After a few of our sessions, I received the message that it was now time to begin meditating in silence.




(And truthfully, that’s where things start to get real in terms of upping your receptivity and connection… because you’re not distracted by someone’s voice. No shame towards guided meditation! They are an excellent tool and a strong gateway into setting up the habit of sitting.)


She was, admittedly, pretty intimidated at first.


I walked her through a few methods right there in session to see which felt right for her.


We completed the session and went on our ways.


Fast forward one month. 


The minute we jumped on Zoom she started talking about the wild things that had been happening to her.


She started having crazy synchronicities. 


Wild dreams about family members and spirit. 


And an overwhelming sense that things were DIFFERENT.


She had, of course, been meditating at least once a day in silence in addition to her guided meditation sessions.


And she was noticing those spiritual happenings that I’ve talked about.


She was pretty blown away.


Externally I got so excited for her, but internally I felt this calm happiness for her.


Because it’s exactly what happens when you show up and meditate daily.


You change. 


And it’s magical. 


She’s beginning to realize abilities that she had a sense were already there. 


And it’s an incredible feeling when those kinds of things start to happen.


She’s still early on her journey and she has a number of life responsibilities that require her attention right now, but her spiritual unfolding is happening despite all how much life keeps life-ing. 


If you feel like you might be like this client of mine, meditation is your first and most important step.


Every training course of learning intuition or growing your psychic skills or becoming a medium ALL emphasize meditation.


I find it to be so exceptionally helpful that I’ve downloaded these particular ways to meditate that help you determine your abilities. 


(OH yeah. It’s very cool. Thank you spirit!)


That’s why I’m going to be offering my Spiritual Meditation for Beginners class VERY soon and I want you in on it.


Especially if you have an inkling that you have abilities. 🙂


You can sign up for the early bird list here. You’ll get 10% off and you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the class.

This is a LIVE class. It may become a recorded class in the future, so if you want the experience of doing this work live with me, now is the time. 

OK sweet one, until next week,


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