Are you settling in life? You’ve gotta try this…

decision making intuition spiritual coaching Jun 09, 2021

A couple of months ago, my bestie and I started chatting about her and her beau finding a new apartment.

They’d looked at a couple and only one stood out in the bunch.

“Omg, this place is INCREDIBLE,” she exclaimed, “But… the landlord seems kinda chatty. At one point, he kept talking and wouldn’t let us leave. I feel like maybe he doesn’t have great boundaries.”

I immediately felt my gut clench, my jaw tighten, and I heard a voice in my head say, “KEEP LOOKING.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “I know this place seems awesome and it checks a lot of boxes, but can you imagine having your landlord just happen to catch you when you’re checking the mail and hold you captive while he talks AT you?”

“Yeah... and he lives on the property too. Just steps away from where our place would be.”

[THIS—my friends—was my bestie’s intuition IN ACTION telling her NO, NO, NO, DO NOT PASS GO.]

And then, her rational mind started to devour the intuitive warning signals:

“You know, it’s so cute though. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to find another place that nice at that price. What if we don’t take it and then can’t find anything else? Maybe he won’t be that bad…?”

I had to step in.

“Bestie… when you decide exactly what you want and don’t settle on something out of fear and lack, you will find a place that will feel like a full body YES.”

She thought for a moment and then said, “Yeah… you’re probably right.”

Fast forward to yesterday.

We’re on the phone talking about her new place that they just settled into.

My bestie says to me:

“It’s like once we decided that we weren’t going to settle for the place that didn’t feel right, we literally manifested our current amazing place into existence! Thank you for helping me have faith that we would find the right place. I tend to let my anxiety take over and that really wouldn’t have worked out well in the end for us.”

Listen y’all.

Nothing makes me crazier then when people make life decisions out of a place of fear and lack.

Happens all the time because we are SCARED.

Here’s the thing, oftentimes you have to have FAITH that things will work out.

Even if they haven’t before.

Even if it doesn’t make any sense.

You’ve gotta flex that faith muscle.


Like I said in this post, I believe in both/and living.

My bestie decided not to settle on the place that wasn’t right AND doubled down on deciding what she DID want and kept looking intensely (with their vision in mind) until they found it.

And y’all, it really didn’t take that long.

A week or two after our conversation, they found THE place.

And it’s a wonderful fit.

Remember when we’ve talked about intuition before and I said there are usually three main answers that come through: Yes, No, and Wait.

Wait is the answer that takes the most faith.

Waiting requires a certain amount of surrender.

Waiting can feel uncomfortable.

Waiting means you have to dig into a skill that many of us are still learning: patience.

Waiting can mean don’t commit yet, wait for more information, wait for what feels right.

Waiting often means TRUST that there is a match for you.

AND—I’ve found that when you wait for the right thing, the right time, the right support, the right person, you’ll know it when you find it.

And then you won’t want to wait any longer.

I see this with my coaching clients all the time.

People will get an intuitive nudge that they need to work with me.

They’ll wait and chew on it and think it over and suss me out (a good practice when you’re hiring someone).

And then one day they’ll KNOW they need to hire me.

And we can’t get started fast enough.

I love it because then I get the joy of working with clients who feel jazzed and raring to go!

If you’ve been getting the nudge to work with me, let’s talk.

It can be your turn to suss me out. Lol… (Do it!)

I’m incredibly good at getting dreams off the ground in an intuitive, encouraging, you’re-a-total-badass-now-own-your-power way.

AND I have the added, special sauce of a direct connection to spirit to fast track your progress.

(Very few coaches can say that.)

If you feel like you’ve been waiting TOO long and it’s time to do the damn thing already (whatever that thing is for you), click here to set up a chat now.

I’d love to connect with you.

Until next week, sweet one… no settling between now and then, okay?


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