Why learn how to connect with spirit?

May 17, 2024

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We’re getting closer to the launch of my Spiritual Meditation for Beginners class. If you haven’t signed up for the early bird option (first dibs on a spot and 10% off the course), be sure to do that here.


Why is it important to learn how to connect with spirit? 

What’s the point really?

Well — *adjusts glasses* — I’ll tell you.

I didn’t see much reason for spirit connection before my abilities turned on.

Now that I am in regular contact with spirit all the time, I’m like, “How could you NOT want to connect?”

Since my sixth sense is officially heightened, I go through my day and I know things. 

I’m not talking about intruding into other people’s personal lives via their mind. 

I’m talking about knowing when someone’s going to be late, knowing which way my day is going to go, and knowing that for “some reason” I should go talk to this person right now (and then that conversation ends up working out in my favor).

Yes, you’re harnessing the power of your intuition. But it’s more than that.

When you start connecting with spirit regularly through meditation, your vibe is higher

Work that sometimes feels hard, can feel easier (because you have that divine connection at the ready). 

For me, when I wonder about things in my head, oftentimes I’ll hear an answer from my main guide and it’ll put me at ease.

And then there’s the part about loved ones coming through.

Admittedly I’m still studying how to develop my skills to be a better evidential medium where you provide more clear and specific details about a loved one coming through, but even at the very beginning of doing readings I had some profoundly detailed experiences with loved ones on the other side. 

I have a much calmer relationship with death than before I started doing this work because it feels like less of a mystery (and not a dark drop into a bottomless void like it did before).

Wouldn't it be nice to have a certain quiet, inner gentleness about the end of life?  

I've found that when regularly connecting with spirit, people develop a more detached view of their loved ones' paths knowing that all paths are ultimately spiritual paths.

Plus, it’s also just REALLY freaking cool to have this special connection with beings that are there for YOU. They’re there specifically to support, guide, and encourage you along the way. 

It’s awesome. 

Next week I’ll be sharing all the goods on my Spiritual Meditation for Beginners class, so stay tuned and be sure to get on the early bird list here

If a voice inside you is quietly saying, “... you should do this… “ then babe. Listen to that voice. 

It was listening to that small voice that started me on my journey. 

Why not start yours?

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As always, reply to this email with questions. I read every one. <3

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PS: If you have an inkling that someone you know might really benefit from this class, please forward them this email and give them an opportunity to get on the early bird list too! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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