When self doubt has you down

self doubt Mar 27, 2024

Hey lovey,

I want to talk about something very tender and important today.

And that topic is self doubt. 

One of the reasons I teach you, dear ones, how to trust yourselves is because it has been one the hardest thing for me to do in my life. 

Self doubt tackles me on almost a daily basis.

And it’s hard, really hard, to keep going when you have the equivalent of an undermining bully in your ear. 

I wrestle with doubt in bouts.

I have doubt bouts. 

(I just shook my head at my own corniness.)

February was one, long, arduous doubt bout. 

I know now that it’s normal for me.

And also—

It’s exhausting. 

I’ve never met a spiritual teacher who didn’t regularly feel the push and pull of their ego wrestling their soul.

The ego wants certainty, security, money, often safety, sometimes freedom if that feels safe, sometimes fame, sometimes anonymity. 

It really depends on the day with the ego. 

The ego pulls the damn parking brake when you’ve finally worked up the courage to pull out of the driveway on your next steps.

It’s very convincing that you’re not ready, not good enough, not young enough, not talented enough, not worthy. 

That's its job. 

The ego is pushy and fear-based and kind of a pain in the ass.

It also can get EXTRA loud when you’re onto something.

When you’re making progress.

When you’re about to have a breakthrough. 

The soul wants communion, harmony, truth, expansiveness, joy, alignment. 

Fame and anonymity and money and security don’t necessarily matter. 

Doing the right next thing matters.

Being in alignment with your truth matters. 

Following your intuition—even when it feels crazy or impossibly hard or completely illogical—is what your soul is counting on. 

The soul is kind, loving, unflustered. 

It has vision, gentleness, and guidance. 

It’s connected to your intuition.

Your guides help you along your soul’s journey by way of your intuition.

The ego is the big bully brother. 

The intuition is the quiet sister that knows the way of your soul’s journey.

When you’re feeling stuck in a quagmire, the key is to step out from under the thumb of the ego and expand into your soul’s knowing. 

It’s a conscious choice that over time becomes a habit. 

Ignoring the self-defeating warnings of the ego and stepping into the unfettered confidence of the soul.

One great way to do that is to learn to trust yourself first and the best way I know how to do that is to clear the emotions that have you thinking that you’re inherently untrustworthy.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here to five trapped emotions for free.

Until next week my sweet,


PS: Know someone who’s ready to get out of a self-doubt cul-de-sac? Pass on this email to them for me. I’m always working to get the word out about how much energy work can help business owners. Thank you in advance. xoxo

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