Universe take the wheel

spiritual coaching Jun 06, 2024

Hi lovey,

Recently I came across a woman on Instagram who said that she’d become so fed up with her life that she threw up her hands and said, “Universe. You take it from here.”

And then her life began to magically change…

Now, she still had to pay attention and DO what the (intuitive) signs were telling her to do and be courageous (hugely courageous in some scenarios), but still! 

Her life was spirit LED! 

Wild adventures and synchronicities and connections with new people. 

It seemed like a spiritual fairy tale of sorts.

Even though I do spiritual work nearly every day, I am human (so so human) and I can get stuck in the small-mindedness of trying to figure everything out for myself with my own brain.

And you know how that makes me feel?


Uch. One of my least favorite feelings. 

I dislike feeling limited so much because it is only a frame of mind

When I’ve spent too much time in my head or too much time in the density of being human, I find that surrendering to spirit can be the most magical next step. 

Spirit is the epitome of being unlimited

We are here to be co-creating our days with spirit, not shouldering those responsibilities like a burden.

When you hand over the reins of your life to spirit, you ALLOW good to rush in. 

And you tighten your grip on how you believe things should be, you create space for how things could be. 

When you release control, you get a chance to marvel at what the Universe can provide for you. 

Like I said about the woman on Instagram, yes you have to pay attention, take the cues and be brave.

But babe. You can do that. 

If you’d like help figuring out what you could potentially let of so you can allow more sweetness and joy and magic into your life, I’d love to see what your spirit guides say on that front. 

The best way to find out is to schedule a reading. You can do that here.

Until next week lovey…


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