The energy I’m bringing in to 2024 (And how it’s SO different from past years)

Jan 10, 2024

Happy New Year. 🙂

Ah… the beginning of a sparkly new year. Let me tell you how much I love an energetic clean slate.

I love it SO MUCH.

I love the idea that we can metaphorically wipe the slate clean and start fresh every 365 days (or so).

(Honestly, you can mentally make that shift any day of the year, but it’s really fun to ride the collective, energetic wave when everyone else is doing it too.)

One of the things about being a highly sensitive person—and maybe you can relate to this—is you can FEEL the energy of the collective as it shifts.

Maybe you can feel it on a global scale and/or maybe you feel it on a smaller scale like your family’s energy, your city’s energy, or your community group’s energy.

Talk about a mixed blessing.

When the group is feeling good you can feel on TOP OF THE WORLD.

When the group is feeling all over the place, well, you can feel like you’re strapped to the front car of the Magic Mountain roller coaster, blindfolded.

Super (not) fun.

For the past number of years I have been connected to a business coaching group (that I LOVED) that was FULL of high vibrational, focused, spiritual business owners.

These people cheered each other on and held each other up.

It was such a special group to be a part of and I made SO many friends and connections through that community.

We also all fed off of each other’s positive energy.

The beginning of the year—both years—had a lot of LET’S FREAKING GO (+ twenty exclamation points) energy.

People were jazzed, excited, and raring to go on January 1.


And you know, I the same way! #jazzed #excited #raringtogo

So I kicked open the back door of 2023 like Harry in Home Alone.

Lemmetellya, I was on FIRE.

But that energy was more like a quick, fiery explosion than anything else.

Within a matter of six weeks, that fire was effectively burning me down rather than keeping me going.

One thing I’ve heard coach after coach say (and I say it to my clients all the time with business too), is that business is a marathon and not a sprint.

You want to train yourself to move steadily at a good clip recognizing that there may be some breaks and some sprints within the journey.

Breaking out of the gate last year (and the year before that) at a full out sprint actually ended up hurting me in the long run.

I set my expectations SKY high and when hard things started happening I felt heavily demoralized.

Feeling demoralized made me feel less motivated which made me make up all kinds of stories where I beat myself up for not “doing it right” which made for a really hard start to the year.


This year I’m doing things differently.

It is January 5th and—good news!—I am currently not on fire.

But I’m running at a good, steady pace.

The energy I’m bringing to my business this year is one of steadiness, consistency and self-compassion.

For my clients, for my new team member (who I’ll introduce you to in a moment), for all of you (!) and for myself.

The crazy thing that capitalism does is it pushes you to believe that unless you’re doing everything EXACTLY RIGHT (whatever that looks like) then you’re obviously doing it wrong.

That’s where self-compassion comes in.

Am I going to do my best to show up more than I ever have?


Am I going to get it right every time?


Do I need to beat myself up about that?

Absolutely not.

That space and grace I’m deciding to give myself now will allow me to pick myself up after a particularly hard day (or week or month, because they happen), and keep going.

It’s a marathon, remember? Not a sprint babe.

Now. If you’re going into this year and you are ON FIRE and it feels INCREDIBLE, please! Go with that energy!

Trust yourself.

I’m just saying that there’s lots of ways to start off a new year and none of them are wrong. The important thing is to find the right for you and then to trust it and move forward.


Heck yeah.

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