Not trusting your intuition

Apr 11, 2024

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Let’s talk about intuition. 

Or rather, about the times when you don’t trust your intuition and then FREAKING FRACKING FRICK…

Your intuition was spot on.

And you realize it after the fact. 

*cue the annoyed alarm*


I hate that feeling.

So, WHY is it important to pay attention to the times when you didn’t trust your intuition and your intuition was right?

Because it will help you identify your tells.

What are your tells, you ask? 

Your tells are the indicators that your body gives you to let you know when your intuition is coming through.

If you are primarily clairaudient, which means you hear voices intuitively, then one of your tells may be a quiet voice that sounds like it’s coming from the inside of your head giving you specific intel on a situation. (But you tend to ignore that inner voice.)

If you are primarily clairvoyant, which means you get pictures in your mind’s eye intuitively, then one of your tells may be getting a very quick flash of an outcome. (But you tend to ignore those flashes.) 

If you are primarily clairsentient, which means you get physical sensations in your body intuitively, then one of your tells may be a sinking feeling in your gut. (But you tend to ignore that sensation.)

If you are primarily claircognizant, which means you just know things that drop into your consciousness, then one of your tells may be having spontaneous knowledge that makes no rational sense. (But you tend to ignore this knowing.)

When you can start to identify your tells, you can start paying attention and tune into what your intuition is telling you in the moment.

Then you can start to test your intuition around small things that come up for you randomly and NOT about things you’re asking questions about.

For example: You’re walking to your car and you have a flash of insight to call your sister. 

Follow that tell!

Call your sister and see what’s going on with her (not from a panicked place, but from a curious place). 

It might be nothing. 

OR she might say…

“I was just going to call you! Want to grab dinner tonight?” 

That is your intuition at work, my dear one.

Validate yourself (“OMG! I did it! I trusted my intuition! I’m so cool…”) and keep finding small ways to respond to the tells that are coming through for you.

You can move up to asking questions, but it’s way easier to respond to the intuitionā€‹ā€‹ that’s naturally coming through and then move up from there. 

Are you interested in amping up your intuitive powers?

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