Not achieving your big goals?

Mar 20, 2024

Hello lovey,

So. Quick question for you…

Do you consider yourself indecisive?

Do you find yourself waffling back and forth (and back and forth) about decisions you need to make?

That decision can be about what to order at a restaurant or bigger decisions about whether to provide a new course offering or whether to pivot and start with a new niche.

Indecisiveness is one of the biggest emotions that we clear in my private client sessions. 

Indecisiveness and self-doubt go hand in hand. 

There’s definitely a connection between trusting yourself + trusting your next step + trusting that you can handle it.

It’s like a Venn diagram of success (or failure). 

If you don’t trust yourself, then you probably won’t trust your decision on what the next step is.

If you don’t trust your decision on the next step, there’s likely a part of you that thinks you can’t handle any of the potential challenges involved in committing to that decision.

You know what all the lack of trust and all that indecision does? 

It keeps you from choosing and committing. 

It keeps you from showing up fully.

It stops you from following up with a potential client.

It prevents you from really going all in on marketing yourself and your offers.

It makes you doubt your value.

It causes you to double-back and rework (perfectly good) work that you’ve already done.

It eats up a lot of your time and energy (and sometimes money) because you’re doing so much back and forth.

I know this because (as usual), I’ve done it. 

Indecision (or chronic waffling) is often one big thing that keeps people from succeeding.

So… if you find that you’re not succeeding with your big goals, the next question to ask yourself is: 

>>> Have I really committed to this goal or do I have one foot in and one foot out the door?

DECIDING that you will succeed or achieve your goal (no matter what) is one of the biggest shots in the arm you can give yourself when it comes to your goals.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. When you decide and commit, you will become tenacious at making your goal work, because you’re IN it. You’ve decided. It’s done. 
  2. When you commit to one path and let all the other paths fall away, you’re able to get crystal clear on what you offer, how you help your clients and the best way to connect with your community.
  3. You’re able to focus on getting really good at one thing. When you get really good at one thing your confidence grows and people will notice. 
  4. You can direct your time, focus and energy into one path dedicated towards one goal instead of using that energy to switch and switch and switch paths again.

At some point you will just need to decide and move forward.

You know what makes this easier though? 

Clearing away all of the old emotional patterns that have made you doubt yourself and your decisions in the past.

One of the ways I’m different as a business coach is that success wasn’t easy for me. 

I always say that some of the best coaches have been through it. 

We get it. 

We’ve been there.

If it was easy right off the bat for me, it might be hard for me to relate.

Another way that I’m different as a coach is that I lean on energy work to help my clients find their true north.

Many business coaches will spend session after session trying to figure out why their client can’t do the thing they’re trying to do.

It’s exhausting for everyone involved because oftentimes, the client doesn’t know why. 

Or if they do know why, they still feel paralyzed to take any action. 

One of the reasons I do so much healing work around invisible blocks with my business clients is because for the most part, they know what they need to do. 

And they are massively capable of doing it. 

But they get stuck in their old emotional patterns and stop trusting themselves.

They double back instead of committing and moving forward. 

Yes we talk strategy and mindset and set deadlines and go over copy—of course.

But it’s the ongoing energy work, the shadow work, the inner work that enables them to keep moving and not get stuck (often after years of being in a state of one foot in and one foot out).

It’s the inner work that really moves the needle. 

If you’re a business owner and you’ve never experienced energy work around your business, come and check it out. 

Clear five trapped emotions for free and see what I mean about really moving the needle. 

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Until next week lovebug,


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