IMO: You have too many goals

business Jun 03, 2024

Hi love!

One of the things about being a multi-passionate entrepreneur is that you attract really awesome multi-passionate folks into your community.

Yes darlin. I’m talking to you.

I would much rather be interesting and interested in life than be boring. 


But there are some times where having tons of interests can bite you in the butt.

For example, when you have too many goals. 

Let me tell you how I know if you have too many goals: you’re not achieving any of them. 

I have a friend who, like many people, gets a big burst of energy around January 1st to CHANGE THEIR LIFE.

Without fail, we meet for tea and they proceed to tell me, in detail, about no less than fourteen goals that they’ve set for themselves and the plan to meet all of these goals simultaneously.

I just smile and nod. 

I love this friend so much. I adore their enthusiasm for personal growth. 

And—they can never hit even one of their goals and the whole plan is often abandoned before March has ended. 

It’s a cycle I’ve watched again and again of enthusiasm >> excitement >> struggle >> defeat. 



It’s the equivalent of deciding to juggle and then STARTING with eight hacky sacks. 

I can’t even HOLD eight hacky sacks in my hands much less juggle them.

And neither can you babe. 

So what is the magic number of goals to have if you REALLY want to achieve it?


One goal. 

For all my folks who love to hyperfixate on things, it’s your time to shine babe because you need to be mega-focused on that ONE goal day in and day out. 

So if you’re looking around and wondering why you’re not hitting your goals, how many do you  have? 

Are you obsessing about that one goal every hour on the hour?

Are you envisioning getting that particular thing (income level or car or home or relationship) and how it would feel to get that ONE dream every morning when you wake up and every night before bed?

Can you see how if you have too many goals, it can dilute your efforts

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Take my friend again. 

They decided to do something different this year. 

They’ve been wanting to teach a directing workshop for over ten years. (ten years!)

They decided to make that happen in 2024.


Long form, high value content on Instagram sharing very niche expertise in an entertaining and easily digestible way.

They picked no other goals: just build an audience of people who want to become better directors. 

Guess what?

They grew their Instagram followers from a couple thousand people to over 22,000 followers in less than six months.


Their goal was to show up and be OF SERVICE to find their people because this work really matters to them. 

They offered high quality, usable content with specific expertise in a super niche area and now when they make offers they have a WAITLIST.

They haven’t even been in business for a year yet. 

Let me be clear that they spent hours creating this content and offered it for free without asking for anything in return for months before they offered anything paid. 

They worked for these results and poured themself into every single video. 

They responded to every comment and DM with kindness and heart. 

They love what they do and the people they’re connecting with. 

But still—same friend—ONE clear goal. 

So. When you look at the 87 goals you’ve set for yourself (maybe not all at once, but… collectively? maybe?), what is the ONE that rises to the top.

What is THE GOAL that gets you excited and will potentially get the other goals achieved in the process?

Pick one babe. Focus on it. Write it down. Envision it. Embody it. 

Live, eat and breathe that goal.

And then when you achieve it—which you will—choose your next goal. ;)

My clients often tell me that they value the accountability I provide for them in their enthusiastic (read: sometimes all over the place) pursuits.

We ALL could use someone to help us stay on track and on path with our goals. 

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