How to make your first $5k in business

business May 06, 2024

Hello lovey,

I know that some of you are wondering “Okay wait… are you going to tell me how to make $5k right now? Because I’m all ears.”

Yes babe.

Whether it’s $5k or $15k or $45k, the basics are the same: 

  1. Identify your expertise (this is an important step that some folks try to skip over). 
  2. Identify how you use your expertise to help your client transform.
  3. Start to document your expertise as content in short form and long form. Depending on the medium you prefer to work in, this can look different for each business. For example, if you like video, your short form may be pithy reels and your long form may be livestreams. 
  4. Commit to a schedule and keep showing up week after week after week giving away your knowledge so you can showcase your stuff AND so people can get to know you.
  5. Provide a way for folks to work with you. Again, this can look different depending on what feels good to you. Each format (1:1 coaching vs. group coaching vs. courses vs. membership) all look different and require different things from you, and you can absolutely mix and match over time. 
  6. Deliver to your audience. 
  7. Tweak based on your results and continue to repeat that process over and over again, growing your audience, your reach and expanding your offerings over time.

I bet many of you get the general idea behind that, right?

It’s simple and it can be super easy, but the thing I see most entrepreneurs do is they make it MUCH harder than that.

Have you been there?

I certainly have. 

And honestly, many marketers out there will make it seem HELLA complicated (so that you’ll buy their thing). 

That makes me crazy btw. 

So instead of making things complicated, let’s simplify and make it FUN.

Time to joyously declutter baby and make your business streamlined.

If you don’t feel like you have enough expertise on a topic, what would you need to do to feel like you know what the heck you’re talking about? Do that. 

If you already have a particular expertise, can you simplify who you help or how you help? It’s going to make it easier for you to talk about what you do and for people to know you can help them. 

If you’ve got the expertise area figured out, are you working on building content either on a daily basis or in batched time every week? If not, that’s something to start doing immediately babe.

If you are making content, are you posting at regular intervals every week? When I work with my 1:1 clients I call this picking a schedule and a stage. My stage has been weekly newsletters for YEARS. You all know when to expect it and you show up to read.

When I was injured last summer and it hurt to do just about everything, I fell off of my usual newsletter routine for a couple of weeks, but then I GOT BACK TO IT. I had enough trust built up with all of you that you were understanding and we picked back up where we left off. 

Pick a schedule (weekly? daily?) and a stage (newsletter, one social media channel, youtube) and then show up when you said you would and deliver.

If you’re showing up consistently, then do you have clear ways for people to work with you? Do they have to jump through hoops to get to you or can they click, read, pay, schedule? Make it easy for THEM. People are busy and exhausted and if they’re seeking your help, they're most likely overwhelmed too. Make it simple.

If you’ve got people signing up for your offers, are you showing up on time, 100% ready to serve them? Or is your course DIALED IN? What about your membership? Do they know what they’re signing up for and do you do your best to deliver that to them? 

Is your process repeatable? If you can do it once, you can do it 100 times. It will get easier and shift over time of course, but are the basic components there?

My motto is: 

Keep it simple and make it really f***ing good. 


If you’re reading this and you’re like…”Yeah, yeah… I know the basics. I know how to do all that. I just get in my head and talk myself out of things and then I get paralyzed and it sucks.”



I get that.

And that’s why I started using my expertise (energy healing + intuitive insights) with business coaching because it’s SO OFTEN the inner game of business that keeps us from doing even the most simple things. 

I got tired of watching people buy courses and programs that they couldn’t finish or didn’t commit to or became overwhelmed by because of their emotional and mental stuff. 

The strategy you choose is only as good as your ability to set it up and stick with it. 

Even when your brain starts to mess with you… 


What’s my favorite method to feel in control of myself and my day from the moment I wake up?


I say it again and again. It is THE thing that I use to calm, ground, center, and focus myself for the day.

I can really feel it when I don’t meditate because I feel scattered, indecisiveness, pulled into social media easily, and unable to concentrate for long periods of time. 

And I end the day wondering… “Man… did I get anything done today?”  

I’m a big proponent of my method of meditation because it also allows you to connect with your spirit team.

Do you know how many things I’ve intuitively downloaded for my business?

Every thing. 

When I sit down to write these emails to you, I close my eyes and turn into the collective energy of you, and I listen. 

I ask, “What do they need to hear right now?

And then I write. Quickly. Because I’m channeling. 

When I create a new program, I sit in front of a blank page on my laptop, stare off to the left and allow myself to go into a light trance… and I wait.

Whatever comes through, I write down and that often becomes my courses, offers, Instagram posts, you name it. 

Spirit is with me, guiding me, along the way with my business because I’ve developed that relationship over time.

There’s mutual trust there. <3

You don’t have to download anything for your business (even though it IS kind of awesome), but the act of gently building the discipline to sit down and meditate daily in a way that allows you to focus during the day, well? That’s worth its weight in gold. 

When you can learn to manage yourself, you naturally are better equipped to manage your business.

I’ve said this before, but this class is the perfect way to begin training your mind to show up positively in your business every day rather than falling back into emotionally driven habits that don’t support you.  

I’m encouraging folks to get on the early bird list NOW so you can get 10% off when you sign up.

Plus you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the class? (total win!) 

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It’s been a few years since I taught a meditation class and I’m SO READY to teach this topic again.

It’s an incredible experience to watch people who haven’t had good experiences quieting their mind before, finally get it. It’s SO so cool.

I want you to experience that for yourself. 

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Have a gorgeous rest of your day, 


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