How to connect with yourself

May 09, 2024

Hi love,

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Now… onto today’s post!

Let me ask you something: Do you spend time with yourself?

What I mean by that is do you get still enough to connect with that part of you that is so wise and often so quiet.

When I say still that doesn’t mean you have to be physically not moving.

It works for me to still my body in order to quiet my mind, but I know for others there are certain moments that help center and ground them in their own knowing.

For example… walking through the woods … painting … playing an instrument … gardening … drawing.

There are all different kinds of ways that people channel energy bigger than themselves. None of them are wrong.  

Why is it important to find a way to find that center of knowing?

Well, I find it very helpful for decision making. 🙂

And I find decision making to be a cornerstone skill of getting what you want.

When you can find your center, ask yourself “What do I REALLY want when it comes to ______?”, and then you can grow still enough or centered enough (if you’re moving) to get a clear insight. Well then. 

You’re on your way to making your life pretty awesome.

It’s so (wildly) easy to get distracted from one minute to the next. 

And that goes for neurotypical and neurodivergent folks too. 

The world feels like it’s one big SQUIRREL! ....... -fest these days. 

(If you don’t know that reference from Pixar’s Up, you can check it out here.) 

The other reason I bring up the need to center yourself and start to really develop a relationship with yourself is because whether you’re learning how to connect to spirit or connect to potential new clients, you need to be able to trust yourself. 

If you grew up being slowly conditioned to trust outside authorities, other people’s opinions, religious doctrines or social norms more than your own inner knowing, it may take some time to re-establish rock solid trust in yourself, in what you sense, what you think, what you feel and what you deeply know. 

Whether you’re beginning on this journey or already walking the path of building trust in you and what you want, I see you. 

Trust that the path is one that you walk imperfectly. 

Meditation, of course, whether you’re sitting or moving, is the place where I suggest you begin. 

If you haven’t jumped on the early bird list for my Spiritual Mediation for Beginners class, you can do that here.

Until next week darlin…


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