How ignoring your intuition can cost you

business intuition May 13, 2024

Hello lovebug!

Have you ever gone a few months too long on getting your car’s oil changed?

And have you ever, I don’t know… totally making this up here…  ended up on the side of the highway during rush hour traffic on a random Tuesday afternoon with a car that suddenly SHUT OFF because it had ZERO OIL left in the engine? 

... or that’s what you come to find out from a bewildered tech at the Toyota dealership hours later.

And did you ever stop and think, as the cars zipped past you, the wind absolutely ruining your hair, that some part of you knew this would happen?

"Huh," you ponder...

"My intuition has been desperately begging me to do something about this situation for months, and I totally ignored it........ I REALLY hope I didn't just destroy my engine.................."

What's that you say? 

This hasn't happened to you? 

Just me? 

Well then. 

Consider this a cautionary tale from my had-to-learn-it-the-hard-way twenties.

I’ve definitely learned innumerable life lessons via the trial-by-fire method in my life.

(This very car situation being one of them.)

You know, looking back on this particular car situation, my intuition was working incredibly well. 

It was on point. 

It was trying to tell me to freaking go get my oil changed—ALREADY—so that my life wouldn’t be so hard down the line. 

I heard it, felt it, knew it. 

I just opted to put my fingers in my ears and ignore it. 

Have you ever been in this situation? 

(PLEASE tell me I’m not alone here.)

Okay yes. We all learn some things the hard way.

Oftentimes we learn things over and OVER the hard way until we get it.

I think that’s why I love teaching intuition so much. 

You can cut down on some of the pain and suffering (a good deal of it actually) by learning what your personal intuitive tells are and then following them. 


There are a few parts of learning to trust yourself. 

Part one is figuring out how your intuition works. 

Part two is discerning that it is your intuition (instead of fear or worry) coming through.  

Part three is trusting the information.

Part four is acting on it. 

It’s a cycle you repeat again and again and again. 


Now, if any part of that process isn’t followed, you’re sunk. 

In the car situation, I knew my intuition was coming through.

I felt it.

I discerned that it was probably true that I needed to get my oil checked. 

But I didn’t act on it. 

I pulled the e-brake (so to speak), crossed my fingers, and went about my day. 


(Big whoops.)

I didn’t trust myself, and frankly, I paid the price. (Oooh, and it was a costly price to pay. PS: My engine wasn’t ruined, LUCKILY, but it was still an expensive fix.)

When you look at that sequence of trusting yourself, can you see where your self-trust falls short? 

Is it part one, two, three, or four for you?

Or does it depend on the situation? 

I want you to pay attention to this sequence because self-trust is SO important when it comes to money. 

I say all the time that you make less money when you’re out of touch with your intuition. 

You miss opportunities or you don’t act on them. 

You don’t trust that flash of insight that comes through or you shrug it off and forget it. 

You pick the wrong lawyer or CPA or business partner. 

Your money life is greatly affected by a lack of self-trust. 

You do not have to be completely money-focused to know that money helps you to enjoy a more satisfying life.

So if you don't trust yourself in the area of money, your life is going to be harder. 


I'm telling you all of this because I want you to get good (or better!) at trusting yourself. 

You'll be happier, healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled in your business and in life in general. 

I know it sounds like some too-good-to-be-true infomercial, but it's not.

Self-trust is at the cornerstone of success.

And learning to lean into your intuition is how you get there. 


My Spiritual Meditation for Beginners class is there to help you TAP INTO your intuition. 

Not just to help you feel better on a day-to-day basis. 

Not just in living a life that feels like the life you WANT to live. 

But to help improve your life in dollars and cents. 

So do yourself a favor: Jump over here and sign up for the early bird  notification list for Spiritual Meditation for Beginners.

Signing up costs you nothing and it’s a total gain when the class comes out in a few weeks!

Doooo it. Trust your intuition! (for real!)

Ok lovebug, more goodness to come… 

In the meantime…

keep smiling,

keep shining…

knowing you can always count on me…

for sure…

to write again next week.

*pushes up glasses and grins*

(I'm a dork.)

(And yes. You will be humming that song to yourself for the rest of the day now. You're welcome.)


PS: Here's the link to get on the list again. Already signed up? Email me and tell me which part of the self-trust process you're struggling with—part one, two, three, or four. I want to know. Rebecca <3

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