Has a loved one visited you in your dreams?

psychic mediumship spiritual coaching Jul 15, 2020


Has a loved one visited you in your dreams?

Dreams are one of the favored ways that loved ones who have crossed over will connect with you.

You’ll know it’s a visitation dream because it will FEEL very real.

This isn’t a processing dream where your mind and body are trying to work out and work through feelings of grief or loss.


A visitation dream is where you feel like you’re standing in the presence of a loved one and they’re right there with you.

Let me give you an example.

My paternal grandfather died in 2015 at the age of one hundred.


(I know, right?!)

I think he would have lived longer if he didn't miss my grandma so much.

(He told me that she visited him nightly for months before he passed.)

*heart emojis*

Although we didn't see my paternal grandparents all that much growing up, he and my grandmother have been hugely instrumental in getting me on this path to mediumship from the other side.

It was only about a month ago that I had my first visitation dream with my grandpa.

All of a sudden I was on a path outside and he was there beside me walking a bike between us.

I looked at him, in shock, and gave him a huge hug, and immediately started to cry (in my dream).

The hug felt just like him. That exact same feel of his soft cotton polo shirts.

We walked into a cafeteria of sorts and my extended family from my Dad’s side was gathered there, just sitting at tables, talking.

When we walked in, they looked up at me and looked at my grandfather in complete surprise.

They all were starting to get up to greet him and talk to him and the dream ended...

I woke up feeling this warm, sad, yet connected feeling in my heart.

I felt different.

My extended family doesn’t know that I’m a medium yet.

It still feels hard to share that information even though they are a loving and accepting group.

I felt like this was my grandpa’s way of leading me to tell them.

We were on a path together... walking slowly... not zipping along on the bike my grandpa had.

And that's about how this path has been for me. Slow. Steady. And my grandpa had been a huge guide along the way.

When you dream of a loved one, notice the details.

Where are you?

What are you two doing together?

What do they have to say (if anything)?

Or is there something more symbolic going on in the dream?

Our critical, cynical, judging mind is at rest in dreams and so it’s much easier for our loved ones to connect with us in that state.

Whoever comes through, trust the information you get.

See what’s there for you.

Until next week...

Sending you self-assured love beams,


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