Can you connect with spirit without a medium?

Jul 08, 2020

Hello, lovey.

How do you connect with your spirit team without the help of a medium?

I get this question A LOT.

People who come to me know that they want to grow their communication with spirit, but meeting with me every week isn’t sustainable.

I always say the same thing:

Your spirit team is guiding you every day through your intuition.

You get a flash of your future.

That’s your guides inspiring you.

You get a twinge in your gut.

That’s your guides warning you.

You get a download of information.

That’s your guides informing you.

You get a wash of good feelings about a situation.

That’s your guides pointing you in a direction.

You hear words in your head that sound a lot like wisdom.

Those are your guides talking to you.

Now here’s what you might be doing when you get this internal guidance: You discount it.

You debate it.

You disregard it.

You think it’s you.

You might even call yourself crazy.

We’re taught to lean into our intellect, our logic, or even what authorities outside of ourselves have to say.

But oftentimes, your intellect, your logic, or outside authorities are not saying what you need.

Your intuition is the key to finding out what you need.

Your intuition is your ever-present connection to spirit.

What would happen if you started trusting that feeling, that knowing, that vision, that voice?

Trusting completely changed my life.

What might it do for yours?

I’m switching to more bite-sized posts that are a bit easier to chew on.

You’ll still be getting regular, useful, and inspiring content, but in a smaller, sweeter package. :)

Sending you big hugs and big smiles for the rest of this week...


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