Boogie board your business

Apr 08, 2024

Hey there lovey,

We’re starting something new this week! 

Woo new stuff! My brain loves new stuff. 

But hey. Even if you don’t super love new stuff (a.k.a. change), I think you’re going to love this. 

I’m going to start sharing TWO (you read that right) TWO blog posts a week.

Mondays will be about business.

Thursdays will be about spirituality. 


You better be excited babe. This is EXACTLY what you need right now. 


So… it’s Monday, so let’s talk business.

I’ve talked before about self doubt and indecisiveness. 

Wow those emotions can slowwwww you dowwwwn and keep your from taking action and (most importantly) making money.

That’s why I’m a BIG fan of moving forward and moving fast. 

I’m not talking about being reckless here. 

I’m talking about making a decision, deciding that it’s going to work (having CONVICTION in yourself and your strategy) and then moving forward (quickly!) on that wave of energy.

It’s very much like surfing.

Or, boogie boarding... (not boogies...ew).

When you’re out in the ocean and a good sized wave starts to pick up speed, you need to get on top of that wave (paddle your arms and kick) to get to a place where you can RIDE THAT ENERGY all the way to the shore.

I want you to think about taking action in your business that way.

Make a decision about your strategy:

For example: You can say, "I’m going to show up in long form reels on Instagram teaching my community something of value for the next 90 days."

And then freaking do it. 

Order the equipment. 

Make a spreadsheet that includes the date, your hook, the caption (and if you need a script) a script, the hashtags, the keywords. 

Add a link to your lead magnet in your profile. 

Batch record and then post your reel manually each day. 

If you have a job right now or clients that take up time, you may need to record on a lighter day or on the weekend. 

That’s okay. Just do it.  

Show up to this strategy like a job and do it consistently for three months.

At the end of that time you will have grown your following, grown your confidence, grown your visibility, grown an understanding of your audience, grown your data on what your audience resonates with and what it doesn’t. 

And before you know it... You will grow as a business owner. 

This is just one strategy, but there are many. 

Pick one and stick with it.

Then when you’ve got that strategy working, add another on top of it (while keeping the other strategy going). 

Move forward and move fast. 

Every time your brain wants to jump in with a “yeah, but” reason to stop doing what you’re doing, get back to work and move quickly. 

Do you think you have trapped emotions keeping you from moving forward and moving fast? 

Let’s find out. Book a free clearing with me here. It’s a great place to get started and one of my favorite ways to help business owners get moving.

Questions? Reply to this email. I read every one. 

See you then!


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