Back by popular demand… the LOVE package

Jun 10, 2024

Hello love!

You know the cool thing about owning your own business?

You can follow the energy of your audience.

And you know what I’ve been noticing? 

My people—that includes you of course—are always wanting to work on the area of LOVE in their life.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra and an obsessive lover of nearly all romantic plot lines in TV and movies… 

[my top three movies of all time all have a romantic subtext. Those movies, because I know you’re curious now, are Amelie, When Harry Met Sally and Strictly Ballroom]

Or maybe it’s because I’m a perpetual optimist who enjoys a good story about people falling for one another…

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been a Maid of Honor in no less than four weddings… 

I don’t know. 

But I freaking love talking about love. 

And you know, the work inside of the love package has looked different for everyone. 

I’ve worked with clients who wanted to focus on loving themself authentically—finally! 

(It’s amazing to see a woman fall deeply in love with herself and OWN her worth.)

I’ve worked with clients who were ready to clear out the emotions keeping them from finding a truly healthy partnership. 

(It’s incredible to watch a woman meet someone who treats her SO WELL and who she feels deeply safe to be with when she’s never experienced that before.)

I’ve worked with clients who knew that their current romantic relationship wasn’t cutting it any longer and they were ready to disentangle themselves and move on.

(It’s phenomenal to watch a woman leave a marriage where she is not and has never really been seen, appreciated or even truly loved, step out on her own and demand more for herself.)

I’ve also seen this really interesting connection between when a woman clears the emotions around love, her money/business life will shift in a positive direction.

It’s fascinating. 


If you’ve been reading these emails and wishing that I worked in other areas besides business, you’re in luck! 🙂

And I’ve heard you!

If you’d like to find out more about whether the love package is for you, let’s talk.

You can find time to chat here.


PS: Did you know I have a referral program? 

My work is so, well, out there, that people really only believe it when they 1. Experience spectacular results for themself or 2. Have a trusted friend or loved one tell them about the spectacular results they had. 

Because of that reason, I depend on people like you to share my work with others and I will happily pay you if someone buys one of my high ticket packages. That’s a thank you referral fee of anywhere from $297 to $600 for you just for saying “Hey! I think you should talk to this woman Rebecca.” 

So lovebug, if you’ve worked with me, who can you tell about this work? If you haven’t worked with me, who can you tell about this work that I do? You can change their life and make some money for yourself as a HUGE piece of gratitude from me. Think about it. I appreciate you so much. Thank you.  

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