Are you intuitive?

Jul 22, 2020

Answer: Yes.

How do I know?

Because we are ALL intuitive.

People who are inclined to work with me are usually tuned into their extra sensory perceptions more than some others.

So it’s no surprise that you’re reading this post.

You already get it.


You are intuitive… but are you using your intuition?

That’s a different question, entirely.

Using your intuition does not mean that you’re right every time.

To start, get into the practice of noticing when and how your intuition is coming through.

Then bring your awareness to whether you’re consciously dismissing it or consciously acknowledging the guidance you’re getting.

If you get a hit and you ignore it and you realize it later, be easy on yourself.

Give yourself grace.

You’re learning.

Or actually - you're remembering what was once first nature to you.

Then make a note that when an intuitive hit happens (you get a flash, you have a feeling, you get some inner words of wisdom, etc.) to go with it.

NOTE: What you discern may be incorrect sometimes.

That’s totally normal and part of the process!

I’m still wrong sometimes. (because no human is an infallible machine — thank goodness)

Your first step is just awareness.

Start there. <3

Sending you big trust in yourself and vibes of safety and love, Rebecca*

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