Are you ignoring the quiet sister?

intuition psychic mediumship spiritual coaching Feb 17, 2021

Last night I went to a psychic mediumship practice circle. 

We started off with a psychic exercise to get warmed up. 

The woman leading the circle presented us with a picture of a house and nothing more. 

We had three minutes to write down any information that came through about the house. 

I glanced at the picture and then felt information flowing through me: 

There was the loud part: 

Four people live here, 2 dogs, one fluffy….

I see strawberry patches, this house was passed down through generations…

I feel like this house is in Connecticut or somewhere in the northeast United States…

I see veggies in a garden… beans and cucumbers… I see a garter snake…

I’m feeling like there was some kind of reference to the Civil War… and the underground railroad.

The quiet part said:

Little Women

After everyone shared their thoughts, the host revealed that it was Orchard House—the house where Louisa May Alcott lived and wrote Little Women

Dang it. 

My reading was relatively accurate: 

There were more than four people who lived in the house, but the four people I got referred to the four sisters in the book. 

The family members were all vegetarians and grew their own food.

The Alcotts were abolitionists. 

The house is not in Connecticut, but in Massachusetts, but still the northeast part of the U.S. 

Still can’t find any info on any dogs. So that was a no... no biggie.

Even though I’d seen (clairvoyance) and known (claircognizance) and heard (clairaudience) a good number of things about this house, I’d quickly ignored the quietest knowing that floated up in my consciousness: the sound-less whisper of Little Women. 

This house was the house in Little Women. <<<< and it’s this information that would have been the solid evidence for the reading...

Had I listened to it. 

My goal with all of my practicing is to evolve into a solidly evidential medium—a medium that provides enough details for the person I'm reading for to say Yes! I know exactly who or what you’re talking about!

Practice is crucial, as you can see. 

I’m telling you this story because your intuition functions like this exercise. 

Except instead of a psychic exercise, this is your daily life.

You know when you have that moment where you say, “Dang it! I knew that!” 

It's maddening because you knew! You really did! But you didn't trust it or because other louder voices drowned that knowing out. 

I like to think of intuition as the quiet sister. 

The quiet sister knows and tries to speak up and share her wisdom only to get shoved out of the way by the other noisy, obnoxious family members. 

Those noisy obnoxious family members show up as your thoughts, your fears, your shame (about what other people will think), your past traumas, certain cultural expectations, and also perhaps your overconfidence in rational thought.

(Rational thought can only take you so far.)

The quiet sister often ends up in the corner with the calm, knowing answer except no one can hear her for all the shouting.

Some people have a quiet sister that sits in the corner their whole life with only glimpses of wisdom from her. 

That's no way to live.

How can you hear the quiet sister?

You quiet your mind. 

And you guessed it: meditation is key.

All psychic mediums are meditators and all workshops or courses or books (worth their salt) involve a section on learning to meditate.

If you feel like you have an especially noisy family of thoughts who is edging out the wisdom of the quiet sister, I recommend you get on the list for my Intuitive Rockstar course.

I have a sneaky way that I help even non-meditators get quiet. 

If you’re feeling all over the place, if you’re on social media more than you’d like, if you feel like you’re drifting through life without a rudder to steer you, this course is the place to start. 

How can you move forward in your life without being tuned in to your own knowing?

Answer: you can’t.

(And you most likely won’t.)

Intuitive Rockstar will be out on March 17th and if you’re on the early bird list, you’ll get the early bird pricing.

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Identifying and developing intuition is something I’ve been doing for myself for the last twenty-two years. 

Teaching is part of the way I channel this knowledge. 

So join me!

Do your future self a favor and get notified when the course first comes out.

Have questions about the course or about my more intensive one-on-one Your Truest Self program?

Use the contact form to email me!

I’d love to hear from you.

And hey, if you’re getting a nudge to reach out? Listen to that knowing. That’s the quiet sister. 

That’s all for this week. 

Sending you a big, warm-hearted hug,

PS: In case you're on the fence, getting on the list is not a commitment. You can get on the Intuitive Rockstar list and chances are if you feel like you might need it now, you'll definitely need it when it comes out. I can’t wait to share this life-changing information with you, lovey. xoxo Rebecca*

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