3 reasons someone else’s strategy isn’t working for you

spiritual coaching Jan 17, 2024

Today we’re going to talk about strategy, specifically why someone else’s strategy—that apparently (???)—worked so well for their many satisfied customers but isn’t working for you.

Let’s dig into this.

So let’s say you come across a business coach online, she says she has the answer to your sales/leads/profit problem and all you have to do it buy this course.

After careful consideration (or a quick gut check), you buy the course!

“Woo hoo!” you think... “This is gonna WORK. I am so ON my way!”

You tell yourself you’re going to get to it right after you read this one chapter of your book on getting organized in your business.

Then oh hey, it’s time for lunch.

Then you check your email…

You jump on Instagram real quick…

Then it’s time to pick up the kids from school…

Then it’s dinner time…

Then quality time with your partner…

Then bedtime…

You get up the next morning, do all the morning routine things and sit down at your computer. You might even open up the course, but you’ve got a meeting in thirty minutes and you tell yourself “I really want to devote myself to learning this stuff, so I’ll do it when I have more time…”

But then you never do.

Important note here: You’re doing the best you can, this is a VERY common occurrence, and that’s why I’m bringing it up today.

Important second note here: I have been this person. (Oh man, have I been this person!)

Reason #1 why someone else’s strategy doesn’t work for you: You never get around to implementing it.

I don’t want you to beat yourself up about this (every single business owner has done this at LEAST once if not many, many times). It happens.

It brings me to reason #2 why someone else’s strategy doesn’t work for you: Your mindset is keeping you from even getting started.

If you’re subconsciously terrified of any of these things: hard work, success, failure, doing it wrong, growing too fast, it not working, becoming too well-known, being judged, being canceled, being trolled, paying more taxes, hiring a team, being on video… I mean, I could go on and on.

Then it’s going to be VERY challenging to even get yourself to DO THE THING that this lovely business coach put together for you to do!

There is an ongoing conversation in the coaching and specifically the course world about HOW to get your students to actually DO THE THING that you are teaching them to you.

Many business owners have their own collection of a “course graveyard” where the courses they bought with the FULL intention of completing have gone to sit unopened or uncompleted.

Hell, I bought a bundle of courses just last summer and I’ve only watched a few of those highly valuable videos.

You’re not alone here doll.

There are, of course, trapped emotions that play into this cycle: Unworthiness, Guilt, Indecisiveness, Fear, plus a bunch of emotions that are specific to you, your history, your lineage and your past lifetimes.

It’s THE COOLEST THING to watch business owners who were formally so paralyzed to do anything to start doing the things they need to do because their unworthiness and fear has been replaced with conviction and self-confidence.

I love, love, love it.

Which brings me to the next point:

But what if getting started on a strategy isn’t your issue?

What if you’re a total Virgo or Capricorn and you buy the course, open the course, work the course and still… nada.

That brings me to reason #3 why someone else’s strategy doesn’t work for you: You’re not doing it long enough (and it’s also probably your mindset)

One of my business mentors always says to work a strategy for at least 90 days before you decide it’s not working.

And I will add, you also need to keep working on continuous improvement with that strategy (i.e. getting really freaking good at it) during that 90 day period.

So many of us don’t trust ourselves and don’t trust the process and therefore, give up too early if we don’t see immediate results or never go all in on the strategy.

Part of the strategy is actually working the strategy.

It’s way easier to bounce around looking for the magic bullet than to take a deep breath, settle in and do the same thing over and over and over again until you get so good at it that you could do it with your eyes closed and it would work.

Okay, okay yes, but what do I do if I’m in this loop?

Knowledge is power here.

If you can pay attention to your urge to jump to a strategy and then abandon said strategy, that’s huge.

You can always go back and try sticking with it.

You can learn how to get better.

You can keep breathing through the hard knowing that you’re going to figure this out.

And, you can ask for help.

You can ask google, you can ask chatgpt, you can ask your coach.

If you’re trying to figure out what the right strategy is for your business at this stage in the game, I’d love to talk to you about that.

You can jump on a call here and we can talk about the best next steps for you.


PS: Three reasons to jump on a call with me: 1. You don’t currently have a strategy that you’re working for your business 2. You’re at a plateau and your old strategy has gone stale 3. You suspect there might be something subconscious at work holding your strategy back. You can book a call here.


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