10 Reasons You need a Psychic Medium Reading

spiritual coaching Feb 07, 2024


[they’re not scary—I promise]


I was texting with a friend of mine the other day. 

I’d met her sister once a few summers ago and she was immediately fascinated with the mediumship work I do.

She asked a number of questions, took my number, looked up my website… 

And I never heard from her again.


In the spiritual part of my business, it’s part of my spiritual integrity not to push readings on anyone. 

That just doesn’t feel good to me. 

But! I will remind folks that I’m available or tell folks when prices are going up [P.S. y’all: Prices are going up February 15th], because it does feel good to give a heads up when necessary.

I found out from my friend that her sister never contacted me because she felt scared.


I immediately thought to myself… “Gosh, do I seem scary?”

Of course it had nothing to do with me. 

As children, so many folks are conditioned into a belief that the kind of work I do is the “devil’s work” or somehow “dark magic” or some other nonsense like that.

It makes me sad. 

I want you to know that the work I do is of the highest vibration, the brightest light, and the cleanest energy.

And also…

*deep compassion for your younger scared self here darling*

In case you are on the fence about getting a reading, I wanted to share a few reasons why you might want to get one—especially if you had some scary conditioning that taught you that this work is somehow wrong or bad. 

Just so we’re clear: I don’t do dark work. That's a hard and fast rule of mine. 

Now… let’s get into all the reasons! 

The top ten reasons to get a psychic medium reading:

  1. You’re curious. I love this reason. People​​ don’t know what it’s like to have a whole team of light come into their energy field to specifically support them and their spiritual growth. It’s such an exceptional feeling to see that seen and held. Something definitely worth checking out. 
  2. You feel lost. I actually see this as one of the main reasons people come to me for a reading. They’re at a crossroads. They have a big decision to make. They know what they need to do, but they’re unsure. Connecting with your team and truly receiving that wisdom can be so helpful for securing the next steps in your life.
  3. You want confirmation. A lot of what comes through for people I do readings for is things they already know, but they don’t quite trust yet. When you book a reading with me, I ask for some high level topics to focus on, but then I don’t ask anything else. I want to open the floor to spirit to see what comes through that day. It’s remarkable how many “coincidences” come through in a reading. [psst: it’s not a coincidence, it’s me doing an excellent job communicating with your guides and delivering that truth]
  4. You feel like your guides are trying to tell you something. Your guides (aka. Your team of the Highest Light) is attempting to communicate with you a lot of the time. Many folks haven’t been trained to hear that communication or understand what it means, or they flat out ignore it. Booking a session with me allows room for you to see if what you think you’ve been getting from your team is actually what’s been coming through. 
  5. You want more information. You know you want to make a change, but what kind of change? When? I have folks that come to me with questions about moving, switching careers, leaving partners, supporting their family members. They’re looking for help and guidance and we get it for them. 
  6. You want to feel better. Metaphysical healing is always a portion of my readings. Not only because healing is the number one thing I do in the world (in various ways), but because oftentimes a reading is the perfect time and place for multidimensional healing that happens with the help of your healer guides. 
  7. You’re heartbroken. Going through a breakup? Feeling like you’re never love again? Healing from a betrayal? Connecting with your spirit team is the perfect way to help move that healing process along and get some guidance about next steps. 
  8. You want to grow spiritually. One of the best ways to increase your connection to spirit is to hang out with people who are already connected to spirit. When I became a medium, I noticed that my skills were stronger when I was in the company of other, more experienced mediums. I find that that’s the case for the clients who come back again and again as well. They’re intuition and spirit connection begins to grow the more they work with me. 
  9. You want a general forecast for the upcoming year. I know some folks who get readings ever year on their birthday or at the start of a new year for this very reason. You always have free will (don’t ever let a spiritual person tell you otherwise) so your reading does not make anything set in stone, but wow it’s exciting to hear the ways you can grow into the next version of yourself in the coming year. 
  10. You have questions for your team. The ultimate reason… you have questions! Sometimes your team can provide all the answers, sometimes not, but it can be so fulfilling to have a place to go voice questions and seek responses that feel unanswerable in this 3D realm. 

And the bonus reason… a psychic medium reading can be life changing!

I’m not kidding. 

I get messages regularly of people saying, “I cannot stop thinking about the thing you said in my reading the other day…” Or “I feel so much differently about everything after our reading.”

It’s true. 

Connecting with spirit in the highest light is a gift—a true gift—one that I wish more people looked to, not only for all the reasons I listed above, but also to raise their vibration and to continue to walk their own spiritual path. 

If you found yourself relating to one of those reasons above for wanting a reading, I encourage you to get one. Prices go up February 15th from $167 to $189. 

Check out the timing for your reading here. 

Questions? Reply to this email. 

Until next week love,


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