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Hi. I’m Rebecca Kane. Psychic medium. Multidimensional healer. Intuition Expert and Trainer. Holistic Spiritual Coach. And the connector to the solutions you’ve been searching for, potentially for years.

With your team of the highest light and resonance, I help you co-create the emotional healing, make the tough decisions, and do the deep spiritual and emotional inner work to help you transform into the person you’ve always known deep down that you are.

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If you’re here, you may actually be wondering how the heck you got here?

To be perfectly honest, your spirit team or your higher self may have guided you here for the next phase of your evolution.

I often meet with people for the first time who say, “Gosh… I don’t know how I found you…”

Spirit works in mysterious ways.

Now that you’re here, you have a few options:

Personal Guidance & Healing Work

Do you feel like you're walking through life in a fog… you can see the life you want, but it’s just out of reach or seemingly on the other side of a cloudy window, and you can’t get to it no matter how many things you try.

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Spiritual Business Mentorship

If you’re a high-achieving, energy sensitive, quietly fascinating human who is driven to grow your business in a way that’s DEFinitely out of the mainstream, you’re in the right place.

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Or if you want to know more about my story first, you can click here.

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Thank you so much for all of the beautiful messages you channeled for me during our sessions. I am not sure if I could ever fully communicate to you how much the messages meant to me and how I have taken them to heart. You are a lovely person with a true gift and I can tell you that you ARE on YOUR Divine path with this work. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.

— Holly D.

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